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I wish I was talking about the cookies. Sometimes writing is a lot like square dancing. Move a little here. A little there. Next thing you know you’ve come full circle and maybe you’re back where you started. This past weekend I got hung up on a scene. It’s one of those times where it’s a bummer being a panster. It caught me a little off guard because usually when I get stuck I tend to just jot down a quick note of what I need to change when I come back for edits and keep plugging away as though I’ve already made that change. But this time around that wasn’t working. The overall concept of the scene was okay, but eventually I realized it needed to be reversed.  Part of that is because I’d written myself into a corner, but also the balance of the action was skewed. Tension… Read more

Updates and Sundry

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Lots of links and catching up to do today, so let me get started.  First of all, I am going to do NaNoWriMo this year! I’ve done it before, but the last few years I was right in the middle of a deadline and couldn’t spare the time, but this year it falls inside a perfect window. I’m working on a new project and I figure it would be a great way to get my ass in gear. If you’re interested in adding me a a writing buddy – I go by mynfel, so feel free to add me. 🙂 (And I’d love to set up some sort of virtual write-in a few times over the month, so let me know if that’s something you’d like to be part of.) As a follow up to Friday’s bullying post – I admit I wasn’t sure if I should post it. After… Read more

Putting Out

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The thing about social networking is that there has to be a measure of honesty about it – at least if you’re trying to make actual connections with people.  I tend to go fairly light on the promo stuff most of the time unless I’ve got an interview or something to mention. I probably *should* do it more, but it’s just not me. Call it modesty, if you want, or laziness, or whatever, but I’m not fond of the selling myself aspect of authorship. Probably makes me a Bad Promotion Author, but that’s okay. No one really seems to know what sells books anyway – promo, ads, swag – whatever. In the end it should be about the words, though sometimes it’s really just luck and timing. At any rate, many authors are introverts – so the idea of blogging or facebooking can be fairly intimidating. It doesn’t mean they’re… Read more

Philly Comic Con Highlights and Random Updates

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Okay – lots to talk about from this weekend! First off – Comic Con – we only went for Saturday and Sunday, but that was plenty of fun, particularly with the kids. (They only last so long, however, so I highly recommend doing the VIP thing if you can swing it. Not having to wait in the cattle lines to get in was worth its weight in gold, particularly on Saturday morning.) Anyway – we got in about 10 AM or so and most of the day was spent doing the Chris Hemsworth VIP thing – my passes allowed for a signing and a photo op, but with such a high profile celebrity, the lines form really early, and so you still have to wait. So – first thing was getting Lucy’s hammer signed – took us about an hour, but we got through the Line okay. Lucy made a… Read more

*Tap Tap*

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Is this thing on? An author group I belong to recently had a discussion about marketing and social media, blog tours and giveaways and all the rest of it. Basically, there’s so much going on out there as far as promotion goes, and much of it gets laid at the feet of authors these days…and no one really seems to know if it makes a difference. Do people buy books because they get swag in the form of pens and postcards? Do mass blog tours and book giveaways increase sales or do they just encourage people to wait around to see if they’ll win something? Is blogging/tweeting/facebooking really that important? Or is it a just a time suck that keeps writers from writing books? Some days it just feels as though we’re in an empty room with a microphone. When all you hear is your own words echoing in your… Read more