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Okay – finally putting up some of the scheduling details! Thursday: I’m arriving in town that afternoon, but *probably* won’t be at the con.  (Never say never and all that, but we’ll see.) Friday: Nothing scheduled, but I will be there and checking things out. (I expect I’ll be at the Expanding the Experience: Video Games & Comics panel because of reasons – but otherwise who knows?) There’s a distinct possibility I may run off and get another tattoo at some point during this day/evening. We’ll have to see. Saturday: Panel Myth Mixology: How Urban Fantasists Create the Perfect Cocktail Date: Saturday, October 13 12:15 pm – 1:15 pm Location: 1A08 Speakers: Allison Pang , Anton Strout , F. Paul Wilson , Faith Hunter , Kami Garcia , Kevin Hearne , Kim Alexander , Nicole Peeler , Theo Lawrence Description: Many New Yorkers know their Manhattans, Cosmos and Long Island Iced Teas. While the… Read more

Fox & Willow Swag

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Just wanted to give a shout out to Robin over at Robin Ludwig Design for the lovely postcards she helped design. 🙂 I’ve been wanted to create a little F&W swag for a while now and these larger sized 5 x 7 postcards are just beautiful.  (Look for them at AAD next week!!!) I also want to thank Robin for her help with the photobooth design as well (explained in the last blog post). Haven’t gotten those yet, but I can’t wait  to see them when they get in. For all the talk of whether swag works or not, it really helps to have pros in your corner making it look the best that it can. And of course, new Fox & Willow up today, as per usual.… Read more

Putting Out

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The thing about social networking is that there has to be a measure of honesty about it – at least if you’re trying to make actual connections with people.  I tend to go fairly light on the promo stuff most of the time unless I’ve got an interview or something to mention. I probably *should* do it more, but it’s just not me. Call it modesty, if you want, or laziness, or whatever, but I’m not fond of the selling myself aspect of authorship. Probably makes me a Bad Promotion Author, but that’s okay. No one really seems to know what sells books anyway – promo, ads, swag – whatever. In the end it should be about the words, though sometimes it’s really just luck and timing. At any rate, many authors are introverts – so the idea of blogging or facebooking can be fairly intimidating. It doesn’t mean they’re… Read more


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A bit of a late night post tonight. Things got a little nutty today at work and I couldn’t sneak in a post during lunch like I usually do. Happens sometimes – and technically I’m cutting into some of my writing time tonight to post. There isn’t even any real reason for it – I just feel like rambling a bit – and also? The origami book dragon there is totally awesome. 😀 But honestly I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed the last few days (and massively crankypants). Just a lot going on in author land. It’s not always about writing, you know? I’ve got some cons coming up so now there’s a bit of a scramble as to what new swag I want to order and plane tickets to get and people to contact about getting on panels or workshops or whatever. Do I want to place an ad… Read more

Writing Prompt Wednesday

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Looking for something fun to do today to shake off some of the negativity of the last few posts, so I’m going to do a flash-fiction writing prompt. I don’t normally do them, but they can be fun, and hey, prizes. Or *a* prize, I guess. I’ll mail a random winner a cover flat of A Trace of Moonlight (or any other cover flat/swag thing user wants). So here’s the picture: Post 500 words or less in the comments below. You’ve got until some random time on Friday or Saturday to get it done and I’ll draw on Sunday. 🙂 Incidentally, the title of the picture is called “Waiting” by Donato Giancola. (Check out the gallery for a ton of additional artwork – lots of familiar book covers in there.) What is she waiting for? Death? A lover? Alien Bears? Only YOU can say.… Read more