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New Year…Win a Thing

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I don’t make resolutions for New Years. I’ve never really had much success with that sort of thing – coming up with an arbitrary day to start something – a new process or a dietary regimen or whathaveyou. I mean, the concept is fine – whatever it is you want to do, you have to start somewhere, so the first day of the new year is as good a time to start as any, I suppose. And I’m looking back over the past year with a curious eye – what I did manage to do, what I could have done better – what I want to do this upcoming year. I’m terrible at managing time – no matter how many planners I try to work with, I’m good for a week or so and then it’s like I decide they’re merely guidelines anyway. Not that I won’t continue to try… Read more

Gather Ye Rosebuds…

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I’ve been thinking a lot about time lately. Mostly because I have difficulty managing it. At one point I used have a major guilt complex if I wasn’t “being productive”  – which had a tendency to spur me on to try to always be accomplishing something. But that only goes so far and eventually I burned out pretty badly. There is a limit to time, after all and sometimes the recovery process can take a while. At any rate, when I took Lucy to horseback lessons last week, I met a woman learning to ride. It was her second lesson, she told me. She’d never had the time before – between raising a daughter (now 24) and becoming an ER doctor, she’d had to give up on anything that didn’t help accomplish her goals. And now that she was there and in a good place, by God she was going to learn… Read more


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So first, Happy New Year and all that – though to be honest with the oddly warm weather we’ve been having I can’t say it’s felt much like winter, let alone the holidays. I know we don’t always get snow in Virginia for Christmas, but I’ve been ready to go into hibernation mode for weeks now…and instead I’m wearing shorts. It’s messing with my head a bit. But in all the usual holiday chaos (which is still going on in the form of constant movies, video games, family, cooking and what-have-you) I’ve retreated to the spare bedroom to get anything done – for a number reasons. First, I’ve got a real craving for natural light recently and the setup here is good for that. More importantly is the chair which can recline. Not sure what’s going on with the back these days but I’m having a lot of trouble sitting… Read more

On Writing Fanfic

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When it comes to writers, fanfic can be one of those hotbutton issues. Some authors like it/write it/encourage it – and others treat it like dogshit on a shoe. I have a bit of a love-hate thing going on with it myself. Not because I care if people write it or read it so much as that I have a mental block on it sometimes. Like, I totally understand coming to the end of a book and wanting more – more of my favorite characters, more of that world, more everything. Just like I get wanting to “fill in the gaps” between characters that maybe didn’t get a lot of screen time. All of that makes sense, and I’ll admit to being a rather ravenous consumer of Gargoyles fanfic back in my college years for just that reason. But in the back of my head, there was always that lingering… Read more

Still Here

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It’s occurred to me the last few weeks that I’ve been fairly neglectful of the blog as of late. Mostly because I’ve been recovering from the surgery – I’m not sure I realized just how intensive it was going to be. I’d actually started writing up blog posts a few times, only to just let them sit in the drafts, simply because I was too tired to continue. (I did pick back up on Tumblr, though. Apparently reblogging kittens and naked men with a click of a button is a bit easier than forming coherent thoughts.) Surgery-wise, I’m cautiously optimistic.  While the pre-surgical pain is gone, I’m not quite ready to celebrate just yet. After all, it’s only been about 4 weeks – my last surgery failed at the 6-week mark, so I’m just continuing to take it easy. (Though out patient PT will start up in the next week… Read more