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Chronically Ill Mermaid

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I had an exceptionally low spoon day this past Friday. (If you’re not familiar with the Spoon Theory and chronic illness, you can read up on the whole thing here. Basically it’s a way of measuring energy for those of us with limited amounts.) In general I find myself growing tired more easily than I used to, but it’s rare for me to wake up completely out of gas from the get go. Not so much on Friday – it’s not even that I was tired so much as that I couldn’t move at all. It’s being completely and utterly drained without even the ability to do much more than sit in a recliner. I had a doctor’s appointment that I had to go to and I could barely manage it. Forget any plans to go back-to-school shopping or writing. By the time I got home, I was done. I’m not… Read more

Mini Game Roundup

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It occurs to me I’ve been sorely neglecting my overall gaming activities, but I have been fairly busy, so when time is at a premium, the video games tend to get put on the back burner. That being said, I have hit up a few in the last several months that I thought were pretty interesting, so here goes. Incidentally, I tend to flit from game to to game depending on my mood, so I haven’t finished all of them, but I will get around to it. Unravel – I’ve only played the first two levels so far, but I love it. It’s nicely challenging without being massively frustrating, and the soundtrack is very soothing. Not to mention the graphics, which are also lovely. The concept is great too – as an enchanted piece of yarn (aka “Yarny”) you enter photographs to collect a family’s memories.   LEGO Marvel Avengers  – I… Read more

Sitting Pretty

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So we all survived the winter storm, more or less. Not that 30 inches is anything to sneeze at – but we didn’t lose power, and quite frankly that was the one thing I was really worried about. The kids were off of school for over a week, but aside from that, everything was pretty good. No harm done. Not sure if we’ll be getting anything else this winter or not, but I’ve about had my fill of precipitation at the moment. It’s cool with me if we move right into Spring now. In the meantime, I’ve been editing away on this new(ish) book. Finally got that out to the agent the other night, and I’m giving myself a few days to not look at anything of my own. Beta reads for friends, absolutely, but I’d gotten to the point on my own manuscript where it seemed like everything sucked.… Read more


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So first, Happy New Year and all that – though to be honest with the oddly warm weather we’ve been having I can’t say it’s felt much like winter, let alone the holidays. I know we don’t always get snow in Virginia for Christmas, but I’ve been ready to go into hibernation mode for weeks now…and instead I’m wearing shorts. It’s messing with my head a bit. But in all the usual holiday chaos (which is still going on in the form of constant movies, video games, family, cooking and what-have-you) I’ve retreated to the spare bedroom to get anything done – for a number reasons. First, I’ve got a real craving for natural light recently and the setup here is good for that. More importantly is the chair which can recline. Not sure what’s going on with the back these days but I’m having a lot of trouble sitting… Read more

F is for Fibro, G is for Gluten

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I’ve caught a bit of a breather today at work so I’m able to get a quick post in for the first time in forever. And not that I want to continue to discuss health issues all that much, but I got a fair number of emails about the fibro thing – support from others who have it, or illnesses like it and questions on how I cope with the pain all the time and things like that. And I don’t have a huge amount of answers simply because I’m wrapping my brain around it myself right now, but figured I would maybe touch on a few things I am trying that may help. 1. Going gluten free. I’d had a few people suggest this before, but I’d sorta poo-poohed it, because I love carbs. I eat pasta all the time and how could I possibly think of cutting it… Read more