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Magpie’s Song
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January 18, 2022 » Magpie’s Song Redeux

Looks at date. *blinks* Has it really been so long since I’ve updated here? Yes. Yes it has. So announcements first: 1. My IronHeart series has been acquired by Outland Entertainment! Magpie’s Song and Magpie’s Fall will be rereleased with new covers (Feb 1 and July 7th) and Magpie’s Flight... Read more

January 21, 2021 » Be Still My Dreaming Heart Giveaway

Hey, so in a nice bit of happenstance, today is the 10th anniversary of the publication of A Brush of Darkness! (I know, I know – it’s crazy to think it’s been that long – this year in particular has been downright glacial.) BoD was my first real foray into... Read more

December 31, 2020 » No Plans

Like everything else that’s gone wrong, I had plans to write blog posts more frequently this year. I had plans to go places and do things and try to find some sort of purpose and meaning beyond whatever my everyday was. Even today’s post was blindsided by the fact that... Read more

December 15, 2020 » Fox & Willow Release Day!

So today the first volume of Fox & Willow is out in the wild! It’s been a long time coming – Aimo and I started this little webcomic back in April of 2012 and we’re just thrilled that we found a publishing home for it at Outland Entertainment (so, so... Read more