Out of Tune Book II


Coming May 20!

The music playing in the night…whispering from the shadows. Haunting melodies and old songs sung by ghostly voices.
New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry presents a brand new collection of original stories by some of today’s top authors of horror, dark fantasy, and science fiction.

Each tale draws strange inspiration from classic folks songs and murder ballads from around the world.
OUT OF TUNE Volume 2 includes strange and disturbing stories by Rachel Caine, Cherie Priest, David Mack, Dan Abnet, Laura Anne Gilman, Delilah Dawson, Alison Pang, David Schow, James A. Moore, Nik Vincent-Abnet, J.C. Koch and Eric J. Guignard.


My story is called Respawn, Reboot and is loosely based off of The Stolen Child by Yeats. (In a modern setting involving MMORPGS, of course…)

Buying  links to come, but more info about it here.

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