Trading Cards

Throwing up a separate page for these since they’re so lovely and they really do deserve a closer look. The plan is do about four of these per book (and maybe one or two extras just for fun. Sorta depends on my budget. And how many people *really* want a Tartbarbie card. >_<)

For the most part I’m limiting these to being given away at conventions, but I can be convinced to part with a set for a SASE (about 65 cents in the US, and $1.00 to Canada). (Send to the PO Box listed on the contact page!)

Each card includes a quote from the character on the back, and so far I’ve got Melanie, Phin, Abby and Brystion (in his incubus form)

Artwork by the marvelous Darchala, as per usual. 😀


A Sliver of Shadow cards are available now!

Moira, Nobu, Talivar and Brystion in human form!

Trace of Moonlight cards are out now! Charlie, Kitsune, Sonja, Robert!

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