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Chronically Ill Mermaid

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I had an exceptionally low spoon day this past Friday. (If you’re not familiar with the Spoon Theory and chronic illness, you can read up on the whole thing here. Basically it’s a way of measuring energy for those of us with limited amounts.) In general I find myself growing tired more easily than I used to, but it’s rare for me to wake up completely out of gas from the get go. Not so much on Friday – it’s not even that I was tired so much as that I couldn’t move at all. It’s being completely and utterly drained without even the ability to do much more than sit in a recliner. I had a doctor’s appointment that I had to go to and I could barely manage it. Forget any plans to go back-to-school shopping or writing. By the time I got home, I was done. I’m not… Read more

Crawling Out of the Hole

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It’s been a long week. The surgery went as well as could be expected on Monday – though of course, once the doc got in there and poked around…well, let’s just say they ended up rebuilding some stuff they weren’t anticipating. I’m okay, just wayyyy more sore than I expected I would be. Each day is a little better. Actually, the surgery almost didn’t happen at all. It was scheduled for 10 AM and I got to admissions at 8 AM to start the paperwork. (Keep in mind, I’d been up the entire night before and hadn’t eaten anything since midnight. I don’t sleep well before stuff like this, among other things.) By 9:40, I was STILL waiting to be admitted -because of a computer issue that had removed my doctor as an admitting physician, even though she’d been doing surgeries and procedures there for many years.  My doctor showed… Read more