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Monkey See, Monkey Do…

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I seem to recall a few posts back something something resolutions, gonna blog more and be more socially involved and I bought this fancy new scheduler and more organization and more…IDK adulting. Or something. Well, I guess I’m not much good at it, best intentions and all that. Not that I’ve been sitting around doing nothing, mind. I just haven’t been particularly good about talking about it. The fall out with the mice from the last post or so was…extreme. I’ve been dealing with contractors the last several months, involving the rebuild of two rooms, a bathroom remodel, hot water heater replacement, and some electrical issues which we finally tracked down to 1) charred(!) wires near the hot water heater and 2) a bad wire out in the yard connected to our lamp post. But all is compete and done and while we still have a number of things to… Read more

Sounds of Silence

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So, it’s been a quiet few weeks on the home front. Namely because the kids are gone, off at various sleepaway camps and other assorted fun. I haven’t had that much time to enjoy it, though. Spent all last week in software training classes for work (class ran from 8:30 to 6 PM every day…and topped off with a 90 minute commute in both directions, except for the day when a tractor trailer took out 3 lanes of 66 and added an additional 40 minutes to that. And the day I got pulled over. *cough*) So quite honestly, most of my time last week was either in class, driving to/from class or passing out with my brains leaking out of my ears in the early evening. (Not knocking the class though – it was definitely worth it.) I got some bits of writing done here or there when I could, but… Read more

Crawling Out of the Hole

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It’s been a long week. The surgery went as well as could be expected on Monday – though of course, once the doc got in there and poked around…well, let’s just say they ended up rebuilding some stuff they weren’t anticipating. I’m okay, just wayyyy more sore than I expected I would be. Each day is a little better. Actually, the surgery almost didn’t happen at all. It was scheduled for 10 AM and I got to admissions at 8 AM to start the paperwork. (Keep in mind, I’d been up the entire night before and hadn’t eaten anything since midnight. I don’t sleep well before stuff like this, among other things.) By 9:40, I was STILL waiting to be admitted -because of a computer issue that had removed my doctor as an admitting physician, even though she’d been doing surgeries and procedures there for many years.  My doctor showed… Read more

Monday Morning Updates

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I hate the fact that I didn’t blog but once last week. There are a number of reasons for this. New job stuff has left my brain a pile of mush for much of the time, and while it’s good stuff that I’m learning, I am running out of energy at the end of the day to do much more than attempt to recover enough to get some writing done.  And the writing needs to come first right now. 78k in…and no end in sight. >_< (Yes, I’m reposting an image Aimo drew for me last year when I was hurting. No, I wouldn’t turn down a Fenris oil massage right now. At all. It’s just one of those sorts of days.) I find the lack of blogging irritating though, since for several years I’ve managed to blog every day about *something* – even if it’s not the hot topic… Read more

Crash and Burn

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I went to bed at 10 PM last night – which for me, is *super* early. I don’t usually even head upstairs until between 12:30 and 1 AM most nights, but every once in a while I hit a wall and that’s it. One of those burning the candle at both ends things. And last week was complicated because I was sick and for various reasons just didn’t get enough rest. And games. I’ve been sucked into games again…and I’m just going to have to stop playing for a while. Which I hate, but there’s  too much to do, and the games have become a distraction I can’t afford right now. Maybe once a week or something, after everything else is done. So I hit the wall and my eyes were burning and that was it. Boom. Passed out and woke up feeling better. Not completely refreshed, but better than… Read more