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Sounds of Silence

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So, it’s been a quiet few weeks on the home front. Namely because the kids are gone, off at various sleepaway camps and other assorted fun. I haven’t had that much time to enjoy it, though. Spent all last week in software training classes for work (class ran from 8:30 to 6 PM every day…and topped off with a 90 minute commute in both directions, except for the day when a tractor trailer took out 3 lanes of 66 and added an additional 40 minutes to that. And the day I got pulled over. *cough*) So quite honestly, most of my time last week was either in class, driving to/from class or passing out with my brains leaking out of my ears in the early evening. (Not knocking the class though – it was definitely worth it.) I got some bits of writing done here or there when I could, but… Read more