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Most of you know by now that I’ve been dealing with chronic pain issues for a pretty long time, compounded by a back that is falling apart by the day. The sort of good news on the back front is that I’ve gotten the go ahead for the double fusion – which I will be trying to schedule for some time in September – I’ll probably be AWOL for at least several weeks during that time period, but I’ll know more about my schedule when I get closer to it. So today I went to an arthritis doc – and we talked through the other stuff I’ve been dealing with, and she ordered some more bloodwork and some x-rays, but she suspects I have Fibromyalgia. TMI warning, blah blah blah. Which is something I’ve sorta wondered about for a while, but I never looked too closely at it because a… Read more

Monday Morning Updates

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I hate the fact that I didn’t blog but once last week. There are a number of reasons for this. New job stuff has left my brain a pile of mush for much of the time, and while it’s good stuff that I’m learning, I am running out of energy at the end of the day to do much more than attempt to recover enough to get some writing done.  And the writing needs to come first right now. 78k in…and no end in sight. >_< (Yes, I’m reposting an image Aimo drew for me last year when I was hurting. No, I wouldn’t turn down a Fenris oil massage right now. At all. It’s just one of those sorts of days.) I find the lack of blogging irritating though, since for several years I’ve managed to blog every day about *something* – even if it’s not the hot topic… Read more

Word-Whore ~ Fox and Willow Thursday

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It’s been one of those surreal sorts of weeks where everything has devolved into utter chaos. So I’m going to whine. Lucky you. Lucy’s hacking away at night with this lousy cough making sleep hard to come by. Connor took a digger playing basketball and torqued his knee. (I’m just waiting for the phone call from school telling me to come get him – I did the ice and ibuprofen thing this morning, but it was pretty stiff. I kinda doubt he’ll be playing in his game tonight, which sucks – but we’ll still go and support the team.) And my joints just hurt all over today for no apparent reason. (Though I did somehow manage to crack a knuckle and maybe mess up a ligament in my hand. Burns like hell every time I try to twist open something. Meh. Body is falling apart. And I know I’m stressing… Read more

Knowing the Limits

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One of the things I’ve been doing recently is working through a pain management journal. Even though I know there’s an actual physical reason for a good deal of my pain issues, I do think there’s a mental component mixed in with it. The journal has been helping me work through some of that – it’s become clear to me that I’m carrying a great deal of anger. About a lot of things, I guess. I’m not going to unload them here because it will probably bore the pants off of most people – plus as much I tend to share everything, some stuff does need to remain sacred…at least until I understand it better. The theory is that if I can unload some of this anger, perhaps I’ll be able to manage my pain better. Even if it’s not a direct cause, holding everything in like I do is… Read more

Keeping Track

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There was a Tumblr post going around on New Year’s about making some sort of “good things” jar. The idea was you were supposed to write down something good that happened to you (or a happy thought or whatever) on a piece of paper every day and put it in the jar. At the end of the year you get to sift through the jar and remember all your blessings. It’s a pretty cool idea – and I debated doing it. Even went so far as to clean out a jar and get it ready, but that’s about as far as it went. Not sure why. It’s not that I can’t think of happy/good things that happened on a given day, though I definitely think that sometimes we tend to take many of those things for granted. It’s probably not a bad thing to try to focus on them more… Read more