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My Freaky Spine

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Went to the doctor again today (scheduled a discogram for next month. Contrary to  my hoped for belief, discograms do not actually involve male disco strippers.  Alas. They involve needles probing the discs between my vertebrae to look for tears. Alas, alas.) Okay, so that’s going to suck and be painful, yadda yadda yadda. But seriously? At the top of that pic – do you see those little slanted bones that are a bit faded, coming out of my spine there? They look like little arms. I have extra ribs, yo. Little, floating, vestigial ribs just hanging out from a vertebra that probably shouldn’t have them. I’m growing wings, you guys! **   ** Not really. But I wish I was. >_<… Read more

Without Tears

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Today’s blog is a bit muzzy. I always get a bit discombobulated when I end up doing something for my back (a second round of IV therapy), and it tends to cut into the day. Still waiting to see if the therapy is going to help – I was told it would take 2 or 3 rounds before we really knew anything. I felt really bad in the waiting room though – there was a lovely old lady who was clearly in so much  pain, she actually started crying when the nurse asked her what her pain level was. Except she couldn’t cry – apparently she’d had some terrible fall a few years past and whatever had happened (it was pretty awful, I’m guessing – think she cracked her skull real bad) – it took away her ability to create tears. But I guess she had some sort of recent… Read more

Edit. Rewrite. Polish. Repeat as Needed.

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Not much of a post today – it’s lousy on the pain scale. Don’t know if it’s a result of traveling or what, but I’m not happy about it. (And for me to have taken painkillers 3 days in a row is NOT a good sign. I generally avoid most medications, but the pain and stiffness have been brutal. I go to the back doc tomorrow – we’ll see what happens. I suspect he’ll try another injection of sorts, but if I don’t get any relief, I’m going to suggest we do a discogram – which will hurt, but might give us some real answers as to what’s going on.) Anyway, not to ramble on about my back issues, my main thought here was actually how nice it was to go back to that short story after a week of leaving it fallow…and discovering it was better than I thought.… Read more


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Incidentally, I know I’ve been rather quiet the last few days on the whole social networking front, but I’m battling a nasty staph infection in my elbow (which is about double its normal size.) It’s painful and swollen and the first set of antibiotics and I didn’t get along too well so I keep having to switch meds. Which is bad enough, but I’m also stuck trying to fight with the insurance company about the drugs they don’t want to pay for. So, yeah. That’s about where I’m at.  Hopefully back to normal soon!… Read more

TMI Tuesday

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And by TMI, know that I’ll talk about it later, but needless to say *THIS* picture is a fair indication of how I’m feeling. (Except in my elbow, as opposed to being a pregnant unicorn. But it FEELS like there’s a little wasp trying to poke its way out of my skin, so close enough.) Also? Insurance companies suck. Especially when they argue with doctors about the medications that are needed by their patients.… Read more