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Unbreak My Spine

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Yes, I’ve been humming that to the tune of Unbreak My Heart. It’s about the only thing I *can* do at the moment, short of becoming a hot mess of unhappiness. Weekly rant about the back upcoming, so duck and cover time. Anyway, went to Doc #2 yesterday to get a second opinion. It’s so tiring to have to explain the entire situation again and again, and hoping that 1) I don’t forget anything 2) The doc takes me seriously enough. I get that a lot because of the hypermobility issue. Just because I can still nearly flatpalm the floor doesn’t mean things don’t hurt. It just doesn’t hurt when I do that. Anyway. Had to talk to the surgeon in training first. He was nice enough, though he was pretty good looking and he knew it. His smug grin seemed to indicate I was expected to swoon at his… Read more

We Can Rebuild Her…

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To be honest, I never really watched the show.  I vaguely remember seeing it on TV once in a while (along with The Six Million Dollar Man), but aside from the killer sound effect, coupled with the slow-mo, I don’t remember that much about it. Funny how moving everything slower somehow made it look more impressive on TV. When I hobble into the bathroom every morning because I can’t stand straight it doesn’t seem nearly as cool. Anyway, I ended up spending several hours waiting around the doctor’s office yesterday – everything was backed up since the snow the day before played havoc on people’s appointments. But  eventually I got back there and chatted with the neurologist. It sounds simple, but I’ve got one of those back issues that isn’t. And more importantly, there isn’t just one way to treat it. So I’ve got all these opinions from various health people… Read more


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Ha ha. Not quite. The lateness of this particular post is due to the fact that, yes, it would appear my discogram revealed I’ve got something wrong with my discs. Of course, I have to wait until the doctors give us the report, but if I had to guess, it’s a pretty safe bet there’s a few tears involved. I tried looking at the image cd, but…yeah. I can tell you which disc is the winner, but I can’t actually read the thing. Go figure. Anyway, although discograms on normal discs aren’t particularly painful (aside from the fact that they’re sticking a needle INTO your discs and injecting them full of fluid), when they hit discs that are torn, it definitely causes a nice inflammatory response. Hence me currently being on my third painkiller of the day. I also haven’t written anything today, though perhaps I should. Who knows what… Read more

My Freaky Spine

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Went to the doctor again today (scheduled a discogram for next month. Contrary to  my hoped for belief, discograms do not actually involve male disco strippers.  Alas. They involve needles probing the discs between my vertebrae to look for tears. Alas, alas.) Okay, so that’s going to suck and be painful, yadda yadda yadda. But seriously? At the top of that pic – do you see those little slanted bones that are a bit faded, coming out of my spine there? They look like little arms. I have extra ribs, yo. Little, floating, vestigial ribs just hanging out from a vertebra that probably shouldn’t have them. I’m growing wings, you guys! **   ** Not really. But I wish I was. >_<… Read more