My Freaky Spine

IMG_0947[1]Went to the doctor again today (scheduled a discogram for next month. Contrary to  my hoped for belief, discograms do not actually involve male disco strippers.  Alas. They involve needles probing the discs between my vertebrae to look for tears. Alas, alas.)

Okay, so that’s going to suck and be painful, yadda yadda yadda. But seriously? At the top of that pic – do you see those little slanted bones that are a bit faded, coming out of my spine there? They look like little arms.

I have extra ribs, yo. Little, floating, vestigial ribs just hanging out from a vertebra that probably shouldn’t have them.

I’m growing wings, you guys! **


** Not really. But I wish I was. >_<

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