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The Cost of Doing Business

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Just a quick PSA rant on book piracy and how it affects indie authors: It sucks. Actually it sucks for traditionally published authors too – the main difference is that with my traditionally published books, I got paid up front, so at least I got SOMETHING out of it. Plus most of the larger publishers now have nice and handy take-down portal sites where I can simply upload an offending link and let them do the grunt work. In other words, it still sucks but it’s way less time and money out of my pocket. This is my first go round with the whole indie-pub thing so I’m sure I’m going to make some mistakes and whatnot, especially when it comes to marketing and publicity and just overall trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t. Which means everything comes out of my pocket and I don’t get paid… Read more

Unbreak My Spine

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Yes, I’ve been humming that to the tune of Unbreak My Heart. It’s about the only thing I *can* do at the moment, short of becoming a hot mess of unhappiness. Weekly rant about the back upcoming, so duck and cover time. Anyway, went to Doc #2 yesterday to get a second opinion. It’s so tiring to have to explain the entire situation again and again, and hoping that 1) I don’t forget anything 2) The doc takes me seriously enough. I get that a lot because of the hypermobility issue. Just because I can still nearly flatpalm the floor doesn’t mean things don’t hurt. It just doesn’t hurt when I do that. Anyway. Had to talk to the surgeon in training first. He was nice enough, though he was pretty good looking and he knew it. His smug grin seemed to indicate I was expected to swoon at his… Read more

LokiPunk: We Write What We Want!

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So I was surfing around during one of my class breaks today and wandered over to Jeffe’s blog – she’s actually guest posting today over at FF&P and talking about what it’s like when you write books that are cross-genre. And how disheartening it is to hear again and again from editors that they love your writing style, they love the story, but… …they can’t sell it because they don’t know how to market it. Or they don’t know where it will fit. Or whatever. Frankly, I’m getting a tad tired of hearing it. With the advent of ebooks getting so popular, I’m not sure if “shelf space” should be a deciding factor anymore. But I guess this is why I’m not a publisher. And this goes back to the post I wrote about my time at WFC – so, so easy for the established old guard to spout off… Read more


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So the buzzword of the day is Entitlement. And no, I’m not getting into the Mitt Romney thing. I don’t discuss politics here – I just don’t have the energy for it.  (This picture is awesome, btw – go check out Sarah Burrini’s website to download the free wallpaper) But I did want to talk a little bit about what happened in the writer-sphere. A few days ago, an agent was attacked by an alleged disgruntled writer. The investigation is still ongoing so until real details come out, we’ve just got the overall speculation that a rejected writer took it upon himself to stalk the agent in question and attack her in her car. (Lucky for her, her dog bit him and drove him off. Police were able to pick up the suspect based off the address the query letter and sure enough, he had a dog bite on his… Read more

School Days

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Okay – I’m probably going to get a little ranty here. I’m trying to be the good mom and get the school supplies a few weeks early. Last year I sort of forgot and let me tell you – there is nothing more pathetic than watching parents scavenge over the last few packages of loose leaf at the local Target. No one looks at each other, because to make eye contact means admitting you suck as a parent. (Or indicating that you’re perfectly willing to shiv someone for that last package of 24 count crayons. Gotta be Crayola though. Not that Rose Hill bullshit.) Anyway, I swear it must be some sort of conspiracy between the teachers and the supply packagers, because without a doubt, the teacher will want X amount of something…which is always packaged as X + 1 amount, or X-1. Which means I always end up with… Read more