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School Days

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Okay – I’m probably going to get a little ranty here. I’m trying to be the good mom and get the school supplies a few weeks early. Last year I sort of forgot and let me tell you – there is nothing more pathetic than watching parents scavenge over the last few packages of loose leaf at the local Target. No one looks at each other, because to make eye contact means admitting you suck as a parent. (Or indicating that you’re perfectly willing to shiv someone for that last package of 24 count crayons. Gotta be Crayola though. Not that Rose Hill bullshit.) Anyway, I swear it must be some sort of conspiracy between the teachers and the supply packagers, because without a doubt, the teacher will want X amount of something…which is always packaged as X + 1 amount, or X-1. Which means I always end up with… Read more