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LokiPunk: We Write What We Want!

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So I was surfing around during one of my class breaks today and wandered over to Jeffe’s blog – she’s actually guest posting today over at FF&P and talking about what it’s like when you write books that are cross-genre. And how disheartening it is to hear again and again from editors that they love your writing style, they love the story, but… …they can’t sell it because they don’t know how to market it. Or they don’t know where it will fit. Or whatever. Frankly, I’m getting a tad tired of hearing it. With the advent of ebooks getting so popular, I’m not sure if “shelf space” should be a deciding factor anymore. But I guess this is why I’m not a publisher. And this goes back to the post I wrote about my time at WFC – so, so easy for the established old guard to spout off… Read more

Word-Whore & Fox and Willow Thursday

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Two for one updates, whee. First off, I’m over at Word Whores, talking about genre – why I write it, why I read it and my rather awkward experience with a literary creative writing course in college. Also? The Avengers. And of course there’s a new page of Fox & Willow up over at Sad Sausage Dogs. 🙂  I’m hoping to create some F&W website badges this weekend to help spread the word about it. Nothing fancy, but every little bit helps. On heavy rotation on the iPod today:… Read more