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More Gaming WTFkery

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Just a few updates on some of things I ranted blogged about the other day. (Women in VG tropes and the violent portrayals of women posts…) And I apologize to my readers if you couldn’t care less about these things, but they are fairly important topics to me, so I’m going to continue talking about them. So first up is the Lara Croft thing – another interview with the creators came out on Kotaku the other day – some of it was rehashed from the Penny Arcade interview where they noted how they were turning Lara into a cornered animal, breaking her down etc. But in this latest interview, something really irritated me: And executive producer Ron Rosenberg says you’ll want to keep her safe. “When people play Lara, they don’t really project themselves into the character,” Rosenberg told me at E3 last week when I asked if it was difficult… Read more

April Showers Bring May…Rageboners

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Yeah. So a few months ago, the DH and I decided we’d try to tackle the master bathroom and spruce it up – paint it, tile the floor, replace the vanity. And with a few small hiccups, we actually managed it.  We left the shower and the tub alone for monetary reasons more than anything else.  They were functional and the changes we made still improved the look of things overall, so I was happy enough. (And we painted the master bedroom too, so yay. Being grownups. Getting shit done.) The only thing I wanted to do in the shower was re-caulk it. Some of the mildew wasn’t cleaning up and a re-caulk seemed like the easy fix. Until the ants started showing up. We’d always had a few ants wandering around – I’d just assumed they were lost, maybe coming up the drain pipe. Well, upon removal of some… Read more

Don’t Be a Dick

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Last night was Lucy’s kindergarten concert. I only know this because I was there – not because I actually saw her perform. Even though she was in the front row of her group. I was sitting about 10 rows back from the stage, so I should have been able to see her just fine. But I couldn’t. Because for some reason, a huge chunk of the parents in front of me decided it was more important for them to stand during most of the performance. Or to hold their cameras up to film it in its entirety, arms blocking everything. (Including one father who basically just stood up holding his iPad.) And you know – I get that this moment is important for some people. But that doesn’t give parents the right to be dick-bags. We’d all like to see our kids perform. (And thanks to those parents who stood… Read more

Finding the Right Words

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One of the things that bothers me most about the way I blog is that I never really get too in depth on a lot of subjects that push my buttons. Maybe that’s just because I don’t want to deal with the internal stress. (Which is a fancy way of saying I tend to get worked up mentally and then I’m useless for several hours – which is time I can’t really afford to give up right now.) And lately? I’ve gotten angry about a lot. Much of it has to do with the GOP basically crapping all over women’s rights (and which, as bad as that is, doesn’t really hold a candle to what women in other parts of the world have to deal with. Birth control issues aside, I’m not going to get stoned to death because I was raped, either. Not that it makes the other stuff… Read more

Mixing It Up

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Read an interesting post today by Kim Harrison over SF Signal, mostly lamenting the fact that there is too much romance in UF these days. Maybe there is and maybe there isn’t. The funny thing to me is that for the longest time, I was completely unaware of the PNR genre as a whole. Growing up I was strictly hard-core fantasy/sci-fi. It’s still where I gravitate to the most. I was aware of UF, but I guess it was more of the old-school sort of UF – Charles de Lint, for example, or Tanya Huff. It was well before the vampire craze took over, anyway.  (And to be honest, except for some early LKH, I didn’t read too many vampire/PNR books at all. Just wasn’t my thing, I guess.) I can admit to being a tad sensitive to the whole PNR vs UF debate. For one, women writers in particular… Read more