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April Showers Bring May…Rageboners

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Yeah. So a few months ago, the DH and I decided we’d try to tackle the master bathroom and spruce it up – paint it, tile the floor, replace the vanity. And with a few small hiccups, we actually managed it.  We left the shower and the tub alone for monetary reasons more than anything else.  They were functional and the changes we made still improved the look of things overall, so I was happy enough. (And we painted the master bedroom too, so yay. Being grownups. Getting shit done.) The only thing I wanted to do in the shower was re-caulk it. Some of the mildew wasn’t cleaning up and a re-caulk seemed like the easy fix. Until the ants started showing up. We’d always had a few ants wandering around – I’d just assumed they were lost, maybe coming up the drain pipe. Well, upon removal of some… Read more