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Die Historic…

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So in about 6 hours I’ll be on a plane headed out west for a short getaway to Moab. It’s a family thing – Jeeping and hiking and probably melting into a canyon somewhere along the way. It’s an awesome bit of planning on my part really – what better way to celebrate the release of Magpie’s Song than to ensure I’m in the middle of nowhere with limited internet? *ahem* Well anyway, yes. Tuesday is the date – I am hoping to at least get a couple of posts and social media things scheduled but to be honest, the way things have gone this week, I have my doubts.  I sort of envision the next few days will be less Fury Road and something closer to the peyote scene from Young Guns. You know. This one: Yeah. One can hope, maybe. Eh. I’ll post some pictures up on Instagram… Read more


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Cautionary tale today on the blog involving the new laptop and a heating pad. So, as noted a few weeks ago, I ended up with Magpie, my pink Sony Vaio. And it’s been great so far. I get to work in the evenings in the family room with everyone else. If the TV is sometimes a tad distracting, it’s still worth it to me to have the option of being there. (And on the laptop, the temptation to fire up a video game is much less, simply because my brain seems to go into more of a “work” mode on it.) But anyway, it’s been fine until earlier this week when I started noticing an odd tingling sensation in my palms and on my fingers if I touched/rubbed the space beside the trackpad. (Which, if I’m typing, is where my wrists are resting.) It didn’t hurt exactly, but it wasn’t… Read more

WTF Wednesday

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I can honestly say there is probably nothing more awesome than an inflatable unicorn horn for cats. I particularly like how the box proclaims that cats love it. Cats also love scratching furniture and eviscerating small mammals.  (One of my cats used to be inherently fond of dragging my bathrobe around the house and humping the shit out of it.) Just sayin’. But, yes, it’s real and available at Archie McPhee. I’m probably going to get one.… Read more

More Gaming WTFkery

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Just a few updates on some of things I ranted blogged about the other day. (Women in VG tropes and the violent portrayals of women posts…) And I apologize to my readers if you couldn’t care less about these things, but they are fairly important topics to me, so I’m going to continue talking about them. So first up is the Lara Croft thing – another interview with the creators came out on Kotaku the other day – some of it was rehashed from the Penny Arcade interview where they noted how they were turning Lara into a cornered animal, breaking her down etc. But in this latest interview, something really irritated me: And executive producer Ron Rosenberg says you’ll want to keep her safe. “When people play Lara, they don’t really project themselves into the character,” Rosenberg told me at E3 last week when I asked if it was difficult… Read more

Pimping for Pinterest (and Bacon Coffin WTFkery)

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I’ll be honest. I don’t completely get Pinterest. I have an account that I’ve logged into a few times and done nothing with (and yet I have followers. Why?) I’m feeling a tad curmudgeonly today. Every time I think I’ve got the basics down of whatever social networking platforms are out there, another one comes along. (And oddly enough Pinterest has been around since 2009 – it’s just taking off right NOW.) And I’m all for getting my message out there however I can do it, but there is a part of me that just wants to shout “Enough already!” I’ve already got multiple Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, Tumblrs, Linked-In, GetGlue, FourSquare – and I can barely keep up with those half the time. The idea of adding another to the mix? At the heart of it, I get it – you can pin stuff to your virtual bulletin… Read more