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Cautionary tale today on the blog involving the new laptop and a heating pad. So, as noted a few weeks ago, I ended up with Magpie, my pink Sony Vaio. And it’s been great so far. I get to work in the evenings in the family room with everyone else. If the TV is sometimes a tad distracting, it’s still worth it to me to have the option of being there. (And on the laptop, the temptation to fire up a video game is much less, simply because my brain seems to go into more of a “work” mode on it.) But anyway, it’s been fine until earlier this week when I started noticing an odd tingling sensation in my palms and on my fingers if I touched/rubbed the space beside the trackpad. (Which, if I’m typing, is where my wrists are resting.) It didn’t hurt exactly, but it wasn’t… Read more