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Advocacy in the Time of Bullshit

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So this week was a bit of a mess on a number of fronts. And maybe it’s just the fact that I’ve been on steroids for a couple of weeks and I’m also menopausing like crazy, but I just…have no more patience. For anything. (Yes, the steroids helped – I can hear again, huzzah. Boo, the menopause continues and hotflashing is shit and yes some of the herbal remedies help, but still. Really, body? Right now?) There have been some good things – the kickstarter I’m contributing a story to funded, so I’ve already turned in a script to the editor for that. Awaiting feedback so I can talk to Aimo about how we want to set the pages up a bit better. I also have the formatting for A Symphony of Starlight done, so with any luck I’ll have paperback versions ready to go by the end of November,… Read more

A Real Author?

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So I’ve been offline for a week or so, hanging out with family and friends in Vermont. It was nice to get away and unplug, get back to nature and eat some fabulous and copious amounts of food. However, the first part of the week was spent at a writer’s retreat with Danielle Poiesz. Now, I fully admit I’ve never actually been to a retreat – invited to them, sure. The timing just had never worked out, so when Danielle asked me to tag along as a guest, I jumped at the chance, especially because I was able to combine it with a spring break trip for the kids. Now, as far as retreats go, I suppose it started out okay. It was hosted at a rustic/historical farm house up in the mountains. There was wi-fi and cable and a fire in the fireplace every night and several chefs drifting… Read more

Fairy Tale of Murder Hello Kitty

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The one thing I love about traveling is just how different the little things are. Aimo sent me this picture from her local Malaysian McDonalds – where you can apparently buy Hello Kitty toys based on different fairy tales for this next month. (She got me the Ugly Duckling, yo – because she is awesome.) But what really cracks me up, is while Red Riding Hood and the Frog Prince are Grimm Fairy Tales and the Ugly Duckling is Hans Christian Andersen, we’ve also got the cowardly lion from The Wizard of Oz. And then we have the Singing Bone Hello Kitty. Which, you know – I get that most fairy tales come from a grim-dark area – the original Red Riding Hood and Frog Prince weren’t always that pleasant, but at least they had happy endings, more or less. The Singing Bone? It’s a Grimm tale as well, but… Read more

Remember Me

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When I’m stressed I tend to buy or play a lot of computer games. Usually it’s because I’m looking for an escape from whatever I’m supposed to be doing. (Hello, edits? *ahem*) Anyway, I’ve lamented several times about the lack of female protagonists in games. (And quite frankly, after the massive amount of wtfkery going on with women in gaming/writing/comics this past week – I’ve been trying to avoid the internet for a bit because it’s been depressing me rather badly.) For additional details see this…or this or this or this. It’s just been “crap all over women creators” week.  I haven’t really bothered writing up a post about any of it – there have been so many fabulous write ups and responses (to the SFWA issue, in particular – and the powers that be have agreed there is an issue and they’re investigating it). I don’t think there’s much more I… Read more

Monday WTFkery

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So, yeah. Been a while since I’ve posted a good bit of wtfkery and with the holidays coming up and all…what better than a usb drive disguised as a tampon? Even better, you can order them in different sizes – 2 GB, 4 GB and 8 GB. And yes, the web site indicates the size difference by the flow rate. As you do. But yeah, I’d totally use one. On a completely unrelated note, the new Fox   & Willow is up today, tampon free, as always.… Read more