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A Real Author?

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So I’ve been offline for a week or so, hanging out with family and friends in Vermont. It was nice to get away and unplug, get back to nature and eat some fabulous and copious amounts of food. However, the first part of the week was spent at a writer’s retreat with Danielle Poiesz. Now, I fully admit I’ve never actually been to a retreat – invited to them, sure. The timing just had never worked out, so when Danielle asked me to tag along as a guest, I jumped at the chance, especially because I was able to combine it with a spring break trip for the kids. Now, as far as retreats go, I suppose it started out okay. It was hosted at a rustic/historical farm house up in the mountains. There was wi-fi and cable and a fire in the fireplace every night and several chefs drifting… Read more

Who Am I?

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One of the things I truly love about the internet is getting a chance to see people at work, particularly artists. There are several artsy folks I follow about online and many of them are good enough to record their artistic process so those of us who are interested can watch. Some of these are on YouTube and some are LiveStreamed. The LiveStreams can be fun because the artist will often interact with the watchers via a chat box, or sometimes with a mic. Sometimes it’s all serious and other times the artist can get pretty silly and take suggestions from the audience as to what to draw. Craft on the fly, as it were. Anyway, I was in one the other night, and I don’t usually chat too much while I’m there since I’m pretty busy. This time a few of us arrived early enough that there was time… Read more