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So last weekend the DH and I left the kids at grandma’s for a few days and took off for the Shenandoah mountains. Specifically to do a little hiking and enjoying some quiet. This was partially just a needed break, but pragmatically, we hadn’t been able to do much for our 15th wedding anniversary, so this seemed like a nice way to celebrate. (And we had scheduled it before my current back issues, but figured we would attempt to make the best of it either way. I had two facet joint injections yesterday and I’m off to see the surgeon today, but at this point I have no idea what to do, so guess we’ll see.) Anyway, we started out over at Bluemont Vineyard for a wine tasting. I don’t actually drink for medical reasons, so this mean Dan did the tasting, and I enjoyed the cheese plate. (I was… Read more

A Real Author?

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So I’ve been offline for a week or so, hanging out with family and friends in Vermont. It was nice to get away and unplug, get back to nature and eat some fabulous and copious amounts of food. However, the first part of the week was spent at a writer’s retreat with Danielle Poiesz. Now, I fully admit I’ve never actually been to a retreat – invited to them, sure. The timing just had never worked out, so when Danielle asked me to tag along as a guest, I jumped at the chance, especially because I was able to combine it with a spring break trip for the kids. Now, as far as retreats go, I suppose it started out okay. It was hosted at a rustic/historical farm house up in the mountains. There was wi-fi and cable and a fire in the fireplace every night and several chefs drifting… Read more


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Obviously I’ve been off the grid for a little while. Partially due to the healing process (which has gotten substantially better in the last week or so) and partially to taking my usual week at the beach hiatus. It was somewhat bittersweet this time – most of the cleanup from Hurricane Sandy has been done, but everywhere I went, there were definitely signs of damage.  Some stores remain boarded up, a few of the houses on the beach appeared to be standing on a last leg, some buildings have been reduced to empty lots. (The House of the Rising Bun, alas, has not reopened – not sure it will come back, which would be a shame. So many other landmarks are also gone – so sad.) Even the 4th of July fireworks were really subdued. I could read something poetic into that, but quite honestly so many business were affected… Read more

Back to the Grind

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The problem with going on vacations is that they end. For what it’s worth, we had a fabulous few days – I barely touched my laptop and I kept my online interactions to a minimum. Not that I don’t like sharing all my fun, but I’m online too much as it is and I didn’t want any distractions,  so there you go.  Most nights I tottered into bed around 11 or 11:30 and slept in until 8 or 9, so it was definitely a healthier sleep schedule than what I normally get. The offshoot of having all that fun is that I’m not sure I’m all that much more rested physically (thanks to the stupid back – and yes, I kept my roller coasters down to a minimum – only did 3 the whole trip) – but mentally I’m itching to get back to my creative endeavors – lots of inspiration… Read more

Off to See the Wizard. And the Mermaid. And the Mouse.

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So I’m off for a few days of glorious family vacation at Disney World (with a side trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, yo.)  At the moment I’m finishing up the last of my packing and all those little things that need doing. Getting ready to go on vacation is sort of exhausting in its own way,  but hopefully the payoff will be good. I try to go dark on these occasions  so obviously I won’t be blogging much. (Though I’ve already written Thursday’s Word Whores post – this week is all about the seven deadly writer sins. Seeing that Thursday is Valentine’s Day, I chose to write about lust. *brow waggle*) Unfortunately, I was hoping to have a bit of a V-Day surprise for you guys all ready to go, but it’s not done. I *will* get it done and posted, though. Promise. (And it’s Phin-centric, surprisingly, so there… Read more