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Obviously I’ve been off the grid for a little while. Partially due to the healing process (which has gotten substantially better in the last week or so) and partially to taking my usual week at the beach hiatus. It was somewhat bittersweet this time – most of the cleanup from Hurricane Sandy has been done, but everywhere I went, there were definitely signs of damage.  Some stores remain boarded up, a few of the houses on the beach appeared to be standing on a last leg, some buildings have been reduced to empty lots. (The House of the Rising Bun, alas, has not reopened – not sure it will come back, which would be a shame. So many other landmarks are also gone – so sad.) Even the 4th of July fireworks were really subdued. I could read something poetic into that, but quite honestly so many business were affected… Read more

Memories Made of Tin

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When I was little I remember going to my grandmother’s house (particularly around the holiday – she always had this little ghetto tree made of silver tinsel next to her TV. She would sit and smoke and watch Days of Our Lives. Undoubtedly bored, my brother and I would wander off and try to find something else to do.) She lived in this huge monstrosity with three floors and an attic and a basement and a yard that seemed to stretch out for miles. The foyer had a deep purple carpet and crystal pane windows on the front door that would leave prismatic rainbows all over the floor. It always felt very somber to me, but I still liked it (almost like a church, I guess.). My grandfather had an office in there too at one point – I seem to remember there were gnomes pushing wheelbarrows on some of… Read more