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A Picture is Worth How Many Words?

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While kicking around the interwebs yesterday, I ran across a post on Tumblr lamenting the fact that writing wasn’t worth as much as art. Keeping in mind that the blogger was a fanfic writer, she made some good points – namely that it’s much easier for an artist to make money with fanart vs writing fanfic. Her specific examples were at conventions or online, where artsy types could easily command $20 or more for quick commissions, dozens of people standing in line to put in an order to get their character rendered in that artist’s style. Her main argument centered around the idea that as visual creatures, people could determine instantly whether or not they liked a piece of artwork and therefore the value of a piece could also be determined instantly. (Which may or may not be true.)  This, as opposed to a piece of writing (in her case, a piece… Read more

Who Am I?

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One of the things I truly love about the internet is getting a chance to see people at work, particularly artists. There are several artsy folks I follow about online and many of them are good enough to record their artistic process so those of us who are interested can watch. Some of these are on YouTube and some are LiveStreamed. The LiveStreams can be fun because the artist will often interact with the watchers via a chat box, or sometimes with a mic. Sometimes it’s all serious and other times the artist can get pretty silly and take suggestions from the audience as to what to draw. Craft on the fly, as it were. Anyway, I was in one the other night, and I don’t usually chat too much while I’m there since I’m pretty busy. This time a few of us arrived early enough that there was time… Read more

Updates from the Home Office

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Took today off from work so I could continue editing. Deadlines being what they are, I can probably ask for another mini-extension if I need to, but I’ve got conventions coming up and vacation stuff coming up and the last thing I want hanging over my head is a late novel. So, using up a floating holiday today to continue making a bit of headway. It’s one of those thing where I only have about 100 pages left…but there’s some pretty heavy duty rewriting on the plate – less about commas and sentence polishing than “Gee, this makes no sense. Let’s take out *all* of it and redo, yes?” *shrugs* It is what it is, I guess. And I’m still not sure it’s quite right, but I think it’s getting there. Maybe it’s one of those middle novel things – they’re a little harder because they’re bridging between the intro… Read more

Making Faces

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I’m not an actress. I don’t play one on TV. In truth, I hate the camera. (And I suspect the camera isn’t too fond of me either. >_<) I make faces. Like to the point where my kids have said “Mom, are you okay? You look so angry.” (This while I’m pushing the grocery cart through the parking lot or something equally random.) And it took a moment to realize that while I wasn’t technically angry…my characters were. Which sounds sorta nuts, but I’ve been pretty deep into brainstorming edits the last few weeks. I’ve been overhauling scenes and trying to add more emotional depth or whatever into the characters. The off-set? Apparently I’m acting it out in my head. And my face is reflecting that. It’s not just angry stuff either, as I’ve caught myself doing a giddy smile thing for no reason at all too, but it all… Read more

The Story Stays the Same

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I finished reading a book today based on a fairy tale. Not really all that unusual – I’ve been a major fan of the original classics since I was little and I tend to enjoy a good retelling. There’s something about a fresh perspective that can bring an old story back to life…or make you think about it differently than you used to. Still, I hesitated even picking this one up – not because of the fairy tale itself – but because it’s one that I had hoped to maybe retell myself. And so I debated for a few days. For one thing, I couldn’t help but wonder if the author was going to tell it the way *I* wanted to tell it. Would she do it better? Would she think of something I hadn’t thought of? And if she had, should I even bother with trying to do my… Read more