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Took today off from work so I could continue editing. Deadlines being what they are, I can probably ask for another mini-extension if I need to, but I’ve got conventions coming up and vacation stuff coming up and the last thing I want hanging over my head is a late novel.

So, using up a floating holiday today to continue making a bit of headway. It’s one of those thing where I only have about 100 pages left…but there’s some pretty heavy duty rewriting on the plate – less about commas and sentence polishing than “Gee, this makes no sense. Let’s take out *all* of it and redo, yes?”


It is what it is, I guess. And I’m still not sure it’s quite right, but I think it’s getting there. Maybe it’s one of those middle novel things – they’re a little harder because they’re bridging between the intro and the story-arc climax.  I was stressed out about it enough that I actually wrote about 1400 words in a completely crappy fanfic. (Yes. I said fanfic. The thing I swore I’d never do. Bleah on me.)  It was less about wanting to write the fanfic than it was about writing something that didn’t mean anything at all – i.e. no pressure writing, I guess? For about an hour I had fun with it. It’s actually posted out there somewhere anonymously (and no, I’ll never say where or what. It’s not about that.)

It’s not finished, either. Not sure I actually will finish it, because the issue I always ran into with fanfic was the vague dissatisfaction that these aren’t really my characters and it’s not my story. I don’t like that sort of limitation and at the end of the day it feels like a cheap imitation of what I really should be doing.

So, back to the grindstone. And an elven prince who’s apparently learned how to dance The Hustle.

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