The Fifth Elephant

I’m too tired to really blog today (and still too busy with the edits to focus on much else), but I did want to stop by and mention that this is pretty much the most epic thing.


If you know what it is, then you’re awesome. =3

And bluey? I totally want one. 😀

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6 Responses to The Fifth Elephant

  1. Cath J says:

    <span>Oh, oh, oh, it's Terry Pratchett's DISCWORLD isn't it?!?!</span>

  2. Anonymous says:

    OMG. Yes, you should have one. I just have to learn how to crochet now. 😛

  3. bluey says:

    Aaaand, that last one was me. *foreheadslap*

  4. mynfel says:

    *hugs* And I realized after I posted that it was crochet and not knitting -but isn't it awesome?? 

  5. bluey says:

    Oh goodness, yes.  Hell, it just might be worth learning how to crochet so that I *can* make it. (For you? Or for me?) 😛 Sorry about disappearing on you – I've been busy modding themed knitting swaps lately. (Just finished a Ninja one, about to start Steampunk, and am madly crafting away on a "Favourite Movie" one. My partner loves Clockwork Orange, Baraka and the LOTR trilogy – so I'm going a little nuts trying to figure out what to put into her package…)

  6. mynfel says:

    MMmmm. Steampunk. 😀

    Clockwork Orange, eh? You need to knit something with a glass of milk on it. LOL.

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