Awesome Video of the Day

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I can’t get over this guy, but I love his smile the best.  How fun! I’m over at Word-Whores today, btw, talking about sex scenes.  Of course I am. 😉… Read more

Jeweled Elf Ear Shinies

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I’m a sucker for elf ears, so when I found this etsy shop a few months ago, I jumped all over it. (She’ll make them in whatever style you want and whatever stones you like. I’ve got moonstones in mine.) Custom elf ears that slide right over your regular ears…that stay put. I have NO idea where the hell I will wear them, but the nice thing is that I *can.* If I wanted to. Maybe I’m wearing them right now. Maybe.… Read more

Maybe She’s Born With It…

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Fotoshop by Adobé from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo. Brilliant, on every level.… Read more

Still Feeling Crappy.

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But look! Penguins in sweaters! This is an awesome project going on in New Zealand right now for penguins suffering from a terrible oil spill. If I could knit, I would be all over this, but I can’t – so I spread the word, instead. (I know some of you are…*cough*bluenail*cough*) Sorry for the lack of a real post, but I’m still really under the weather. Alas. Perhaps *I* should go put on a sweater?… Read more

Nerd Guide to NYC

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I’m completely jealous I can’t go to Comic Con this week, but for those of you who are, get your nerd on with this lovely map. (Click on it to get the full size.) Buzzfeed has additional mapping. (I’m sorta out of energy atm – one sick little girl kept me up for the majority of the night and my brain has become nothing but a squishy sort of mush…)… Read more