All Your iPad Are Belong To Us

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I was in a bad place last week, which led to a moment of spending…which led to me pre-ordering the new iPad. There are a couple of reasons for this. One – I had borrowed one over the summer from work – it was just the basic iPad, but it was useful enough while traveling, particularly for conventions and even as a temporary child-soother here and there. Two – I was in a bad place. So there we go. It’s a tax write-off, at the very least, since I’ll definitely be doing writing work on it, but yeah – otherwise it’s a toy. I fully admit it. However, since I figure I’ll be keeping it a while, I did get it engraved. Seemed like this was the right thing to do.… Read more

Doctor Who?

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I appear not to have blogged today. Here’s a GuiTARDIS to make up for it.… Read more

The Tree is a Lie

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Merry Christmas!… Read more

If I Weren’t Laughing I’d be Crying

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I am completely and utterly swamped at work today and no time to do anything other than scream into my arm. But this made me laugh, so here you go. Also, I’ve got the blog hop page ready to go for Friday – you’re gonna have to write hedgehog haiku if you want a chance at winning, so start thinking those babies up now. And in the Redundancy Department of Redundancy I also talk a bit about the hop over at the League of Reluctant Adults.… Read more

Nerd Guide to NYC

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I’m completely jealous I can’t go to Comic Con this week, but for those of you who are, get your nerd on with this lovely map. (Click on it to get the full size.) Buzzfeed has additional mapping. (I’m sorta out of energy atm – one sick little girl kept me up for the majority of the night and my brain has become nothing but a squishy sort of mush…)… Read more