The Tree is a Lie

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Merry Christmas!… Read more

Catching Up

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I’m not the most organized person, even under the best of circumstances. The week before Christmas tends to turn me completely on my ear and this year is no exception. Part of that is just last minute shopping stuff. Always too much of that for my comfort, but sometimes I just seem to have no idea what day it is until I look at the calendar and realize I’ve got a week left and I’m probably pretty screwed. But I think the kids are all taken care of, and of everyone one the list for gifts and cards, they’re pretty much priority. (And frankly, I struggle every single year with everything else. Cards and all the rest of it. I’m notoriously bad at getting them out. By the time I realize I really ought to send things to the people in my life, it’s a day before Christmas and I’m… Read more

Merman Ornament WTFkry

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Christmas is right around the corner, you know. And there’s something so incredibly awesome about the butch merman ornament. (Why is he holding his fist up like that??) So, um…if you’re looking for ideas, here you go. And a few more: I kinda have to admit I dig the hairdresser merman as well. LOL All these and ton more can be found at Diamonds of the Sea.… Read more

Bear Head

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Funny thing about blogs. People read them. Like my dad – who ran into my post about Bear Head. As a bit of a lovely Christmas surprise, he actually found the bear head ornament and gave it to me. 🙂 So here it is, in all its hot-glue-gun glory, nestled among the bottles of vodka and appletini mix my aunt gave me. I’m not really sure why I put it there for the picture, but perhaps my subconscious is suggesting that to understand the pure awesome zen of a decapitated bear head ornament, one must essentially be soused. I shall have to ponder that this evening. (Whilst stuffing my face with my home-made meringues. Thanks to @KAKrantz for stopping by today to help me make them! And for the awesome Hello Kitty flannel PJs! Which I will show tomorrow.) In the meantime, yay for a lovely review of BoD from… Read more

Bacon! Contest! Win!

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Just a quick post to remind everyone that today is the last day for the Haiku for an ARC contest. (Lots of funny ones yesterday!) Also, I wanted to thank La-Tessa for sending me the best thing ever invented: Chocolate Bacon. Hope everyone has a brilliant Christmas Eve and an even nicer Christmas tomorrow!… Read more