Catching Up

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I’m not the most organized person, even under the best of circumstances. The week before Christmas tends to turn me completely on my ear and this year is no exception. Part of that is just last minute shopping stuff. Always too much of that for my comfort, but sometimes I just seem to have no idea what day it is until I look at the calendar and realize I’ve got a week left and I’m probably pretty screwed. But I think the kids are all taken care of, and of everyone one the list for gifts and cards, they’re pretty much priority. (And frankly, I struggle every single year with everything else. Cards and all the rest of it. I’m notoriously bad at getting them out. By the time I realize I really ought to send things to the people in my life, it’s a day before Christmas and I’m… Read more

Copy Edits are Done!

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And sent in.  *runs around in little circles*  It’s one of the hardest things to do, because this means the book is pretty much finished. Yes, I’ll get a set of galleys that have been type set in the next few weeks or so (essentially what the ARCs will look like), but any changes at this point will be minimal.I have to admit it’s a strange feeling of relief mixed with terror. Yes, I’m done. And OMG. I’M DONE. What if people hate it? What if it sucks? What if people want to run me over with their cars because I ended it with a cliffhanger?What if it really *wasn’t* the best I could do?  *sigh*  I suspect there’s a reason most authors are borderline batshit crazy. And loners.… Read more