Catching Up

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I’m not the most organized person, even under the best of circumstances. The week before Christmas tends to turn me completely on my ear and this year is no exception. Part of that is just last minute shopping stuff. Always too much of that for my comfort, but sometimes I just seem to have no idea what day it is until I look at the calendar and realize I’ve got a week left and I’m probably pretty screwed. But I think the kids are all taken care of, and of everyone one the list for gifts and cards, they’re pretty much priority. (And frankly, I struggle every single year with everything else. Cards and all the rest of it. I’m notoriously bad at getting them out. By the time I realize I really ought to send things to the people in my life, it’s a day before Christmas and I’m… Read more

Running in Circles

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Ever feel like your head can’t shut down? Like your brain is on a hamster wheel, but instead of doing its thing and chilling out for a while, it just runs and runs and runs and you end up in some wretched state of mental exhaustion where you have a billion things to do and you can’t actually stay focused on any of them long enough to do anything at all? And then you feel like a complete and utter failure because you can’t even manage to keep your kitchen sink empty of dishes? Yeah.… Read more


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This has nothing to do with anything, but it made me laugh. Plus, you know. Harry Potter.… Read more

Grrr. Arrgh.

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Did I blog today? No, no I didn’t. >_<… Read more

For Your Amusement…

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Occasionally I have been known to be somewhat of a dork. It’s probably true for me most of the time…though some days I astound even myself. (Yes, you may feel free to point and laugh next time you see me. It’s okay. I’m used to it.) Anyway, a few weeks ago, I mentioned that I’d gotten a chance to hang on David Garrett’s tour bus for a little while with Marcus Wolf…which partially resulted in him giving me a bottle of Perrier water from the bus cooler. <== Said infamous bottle. Yes. I kept it. Yes. Me. Dork. Me. Duh. I think I promised threatened to make it into an office mascot of sorts. And so I have ==> It’s okay. No need to hide the laughing.  And yeah, just imagine what I could accomplish if I spent this much time on something constructive?  >_<… Read more