Catching Up

I’m not the most organized person, even under the best of circumstances. The week before Christmas tends to turn me completely on my ear and this year is no exception.

Part of that is just last minute shopping stuff. Always too much of that for my comfort, but sometimes I just seem to have no idea what day it is until I look at the calendar and realize I’ve got a week left and I’m probably pretty screwed.

But I think the kids are all taken care of, and of everyone one the list for gifts and cards, they’re pretty much priority. (And frankly, I struggle every single year with everything else. Cards and all the rest of it. I’m notoriously bad at getting them out. By the time I realize I really ought to send things to the people in my life, it’s a day before Christmas and I’m so wretchedly mortified that I’ve forgotten to do it *again* that I just don’t bother. It’s not a personal thing. It’s an “I can’t get my act together” thing.)

However, family coming in means the house needs cleaning and there’s a part of me inside that just starts laughing hysterically at the thought that I might ever manage to get the clutter under control. Especially given that  the sheer amount of toy insanity that is about to descend upon us seems to make it feel like an exercise in futility.  And holy cripes, I’m sorta going to have to cook this time around. (And by cook…I mean, buy a Honey Baked Ham and be done with it. Alas, my skills are wide and varied and mostly useless, but dealing with the oven will never be one of them.)

On the good side, we actually  managed to get our tree up without incident. (And I even went out and bought a real tree skirt. Not a super nice one, mind…but better than the usual sheet I tend to use. And honestly, I’m not sure why I didn’t buy one before. See the “getting my act together” thing above. ) We got Lucy a little tree of her own too – she was ecstatic to decorate it all by herself. Bearhead has been bequeathed to her and used with great excitement.)

And then there’s the book. I have one chapter left. And my brain refuses to wrap around it. As an author, it’s seriously starting to piss me off, but I’ll get it done. Somehow. I actually took part of yesterday completely away from the keyboard – lunch date and a movie with mr myn, and that was fairly helpful. Hard to come back to the pile of stuff that still needs doing, but seeing RDJ in drag in the new Sherlock Holmes flick was completely worth it.

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