Just Because.

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I LOL’d.… Read more


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 This kid needs to get on TV. (And this is totally the sort of thing my brother would have done if he had been a few years younger…and I had been in some sort of dance thingy…)… Read more

Walk Without Rhythm…and You Won’t Attract the Worm…

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I’m giving up on an actual post today to feature this bit of awesomesauce. The other post got away from me and I’m trying to make dinner for the kids and I’ve got beta reading to do tonight and house cleaning before Danielle gets here on Friday. And Chapter 1 of BOD 3 to continue editing. In short? I’m being a lazy sack. Alas.… Read more


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This has nothing to do with anything, but it made me laugh. Plus, you know. Harry Potter.… Read more

It’s Like They Read My Book….

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Thanks to Jeffe for finding this! I love it! Go read more great comics at Questionable Content. 🙂 (And click on the picture for the larger size – couldn’t fit it all in here at full size without cutting it off…)… Read more