I *Am* Your Sandwich

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I LOL’d.… Read more

Writer Mom!

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This came from BackSpace today, but OMG is it true. “Are you going to brush your hair today, mom?” *giggles*… Read more

A Brush With Jailbait

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*ahem* Just had to throw this image up (culled from GoodReads) because it made me giggle my ass off. Alas, Abby does NOT actually wear an outfit like this in the book, and even I will admit there is a small group of my friends who like to play a “How did Abby’s fishnets get so torn up?” game, but there it is. (It’s a dirty game. I won’t repeat it here. LOL) I won’t actually comment in the Goodreads thread, btw, but I did think I could share it on the blog. (I don’t see much need to horn in as the “author” –  frankly, I’d rather people love the writing and not like the cover than vice versa.) Reviewer: Well. The cover is pretty.Me: … You get my point. đŸ˜€… Read more