Word Whore Post! and BoD Excerpt!

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I’m over at Word-Whores today talking a bit about courtesans and a rather round-about way of comparing them to writers. It’s sort of rambly.  (Thursdays will be my normal day over there from now on, so I’ll be doing a bit of cross-posting, I think.) Also I’ve got an excerpt from A Brush of Darkness up on my author site now if anyone is interested. 🙂 Also, also – killer review of Brush of Darkness over at Fresh Fiction today!… Read more

ARC Winner!

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Merry Christmas to everyone – and yes, we have a winner! DUM DUM DUM DUM. After weighting of points and using the random number generator (the more points you got, the higher your chance of winning), I am happy to announce that the winner for the Brush of Darkness ARC and the stuffed Phin is: Kayleigh H!!!! Congrats Kayleigh – go ahead and email me your address at: mynfel at gmail dot com and I’ll get your ARC to you ASAP! 🙂 And thanks to everyone who participated – we had nearly 40 entries and that’s pretty damn awesome, if I do say so myself. (And some of you are very clever haiku writers.) Thanks again and have a great holiday!… Read more

A Brush With Jailbait

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*ahem* Just had to throw this image up (culled from GoodReads) because it made me giggle my ass off. Alas, Abby does NOT actually wear an outfit like this in the book, and even I will admit there is a small group of my friends who like to play a “How did Abby’s fishnets get so torn up?” game, but there it is. (It’s a dirty game. I won’t repeat it here. LOL) I won’t actually comment in the Goodreads thread, btw, but I did think I could share it on the blog. (I don’t see much need to horn in as the “author” –  frankly, I’d rather people love the writing and not like the cover than vice versa.) Reviewer: Well. The cover is pretty.Me: … You get my point. 😀… Read more

Marketing 101

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I’ll admit I don’t know much about the whole marketing/promo scheme of things when it comes to books. I’m familiar with going to cons and finding row upon row of tables stocked with all kinds of things – bookmarks, postcards, light-up boobies, pens, feathers, candy…anything and everything to get people to stop and pick them up, on the off chance another book might get sold. Of course, the big question here is does such marketing actually work? And no one really seems to know the answer. Plenty of people insist that it does and plenty don’t. We’ve all heard stories of writers who spent a small fortune on marketing gewgaws that seemed to make no difference…and then did almost no marketing at all next time around and sold a ton. Was it because of the venue? Or perhaps nothing more than the fact that by the second book, people knew… Read more

Cover Me

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I love being able to find the details of how things were put together. The lovely lady on the left here is actually the model for my Brush of Darkness cover. (I would *kill* to have a body like that. You have no idea.) You can see more of her here. And since models are only half the battle, you can also find my cover artist’s works here as well –> Lady Symphonia.… Read more