Cover Kinship

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So I got a sneak peek at the cover for A Sliver of Shadows yesterday. It’s still in progress so I can’t show it around yet, but I can say that it’s a new model/new artist. It’s got a hazy, Jeaniene Frost cover vibe to it if that helps describe it any. I *can* tell you that Abby’s got her hair up in her bun!  I’ve heard rumors that Phin may make an appearance, so fingers crossed – maybe on the back, maybe on the spine. Actually – a  good deal of Abby’s fashion sense on the new cover looks as though it was lifted off a promo piece I did in Poser several years ago (not promo for BoD, but I had used my characters in it.). New cover has the arm sock on one hand and bracelets on the other, though the color of the sock is different.… Read more

Cover Me

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I love being able to find the details of how things were put together. The lovely lady on the left here is actually the model for my Brush of Darkness cover. (I would *kill* to have a body like that. You have no idea.) You can see more of her here. And since models are only half the battle, you can also find my cover artist’s works here as well –> Lady Symphonia.… Read more

I Can Haz Cover!!

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Here we go folks! The official cover for A Brush of Darkness!** I’ve noticed it’s been popping up in various places on the web, so since the cat’s out of the bag I get to pimp it here now. 🙂 * (And oddly enough, it’s on Goodreads already…but not Amazon. Go figure.) Now forgive me while I run off to go squee madly. * Thank you Google Alerts! (and Sordid Fantasy for posting!) ** Official cover, but not technically final – there’s always a chance it could still be changed.… Read more

The Devil is in the Details

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I got my cover art last week. Or at least the sketch. I can’t post it here yet, since it’s not technically for public consumption. (But soon!) And I’ll admit there were a few things I didn’t like, most of which have been remedied at the point, thanks to the art department at Pocket. (And thanks to Danielle for going to bat for me.) Some of them were nit-picky, and some were rather obvious – i.e. wrong eye color for the heroine, etc. And truthfully I think it’s probably hard for most writers to see someone else’s portrayal of their “vision.”  However, with the changes made, I’m feeling much better about it, even if it’s not quite what I expected. Part of my issue is that I’m very much used to the painted covers seen on most fantasy tomes – the ones that depict a scene from the book. But… Read more

Just a Quick Post…

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…to say that I got a look at my cover artist’s portfolio today and OMG it is gorgeous. I cannot *wait* to see what this super-talented woman comes up with. (And I know it’s being worked on because I was asked about what the surrounding streets to the bookstore/Marketplace looked like, so squee!) Which, incidentally – the PiT is actually based on a real used bookstore. I drive by it every day. 🙂… Read more