Bear-O-Dactyl? Yes

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After the weekend I’ve had and the Monday I’m having, I’m very grateful to The Oatmeal this morning for making me lose my shit in a bucket of glorious laughter.… Read more

Word Whore Thursday

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I’m over at Word Whores today – this week’s theme is dream homes or locations we’d like to live. I’m all about fairy tale cottages, so I’ve got some nice pictures over there. Apologies for yesterday’s lack of post – lots going on and I was just feeling a bit overwhelmed. Both kids sick, me sort of sick, mr myn’s old roomate passed away on Monday and I had 4 more nerves burned out in my spine. It makes for an ugly sort of day, to be honest.  And to top it off, the nerve burning ended up numbing a huge patch of skin on my back. It’s really funky feeling. (And on another note of Allison-is-a-bit-of-a-medical-freak, it turns out I seem to have some weird little vestigial floating ribs that don’t go anywhere. Like they’re only 2 or 3 inches long. Freaky McFreakerson.) Also incidentally, this new painkiller they… Read more


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Apologies for the lateness of this post. These painkillers are kicking my ass and the most I can do is just sort of smile in a stupor. And that was compounded today by a migraine and trying to write up cognizant guest blog posts for later on this week, so…yeah. Anyway, I was over at Word-Whores today talking about Celebrity crushes. And there’s a nice review of A Sliver of Shadow at Bitch Can Read a Book today as well – if you leave a comment you can win a copy, so be sure to stop over there. In the meantime, I’ve been watching all the political bullshit going on the last few days dealing with women and contraception and Virginia passing that ridiculous bill that requires women to get internal vaginal ultrasounds before an abortion – even if she doesn’t want to and  Liz Trotta sounding off about how women… Read more


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Not really blogging today. Spent most of the day working from home while on some heavy duty painkillers, which isn’t overly conducive to rational blogging thought. So enjoy this bit of silliness instead.… Read more

Tiger Bum Equals Love?

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Couldn’t resist. Thanks to The Oatmeal for a much needed laugh today.  Also – I’m over at WordWhores talking about writing/watching action scenes (including some fun Monty Python moment.) … Read more