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Apologies for the lateness of this post. These painkillers are kicking my ass and the most I can do is just sort of smile in a stupor. And that was compounded today by a migraine and trying to write up cognizant guest blog posts for later on this week, so…yeah. Anyway, I was over at Word-Whores today talking about Celebrity crushes. And there’s a nice review of A Sliver of Shadow at Bitch Can Read a Book today as well – if you leave a comment you can win a copy, so be sure to stop over there. In the meantime, I’ve been watching all the political bullshit going on the last few days dealing with women and contraception and Virginia passing that ridiculous bill that requires women to get internal vaginal ultrasounds before an abortion – even if she doesn’t want to and  Liz Trotta sounding off about how women… Read more

Mail Run

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Just a heads up that since I’ve finally gotten my set of SoS books in, I’ll be sending some of those out later this week. I’ve got a few contest winners who have been waiting so very patiently (back when I thought I would have ARCs to give away…and then I didn’t. >_<). In the meantime, I apologize in advance  for the upcoming lack of quality blog posts. Not that my blog is really all that quality anyway, but since I’ve started writing the posts for the guest blog circuit, it’s hard for me to continue wanting to talk about myself all the time. (Surprise, right? It’s all about ME!) Plus, hey, Connor has strep. Again. And I’m feeling a bit like I’ve smacked headfirst into a wall myself. Which is really irritating because I have THINGS to do. Cotton head and burning eyes are about the last thing I… Read more


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The only problem with temporarily abandoning a project is that you can never really go home again. I’ve been trying to get back into a project I stopped working on in late 2009. It’s not something I had gotten very far into at the time – and it’s actually pretty well written. All fairly good points, but what’s interesting is that three books later, I can see how much this mostly unwritten story has changed over the years. How my writing has changed, compared to what it was. The overall story idea has stayed the same, but over two years of percolation has definitely expanded my initial concept. Which isn’t a bad thing at all. Maybe it’s a bit like ripening fruit. The story might have been fine as it was, but I’ve had a few years to work on my writing craft, as well as flesh out some plots… Read more

Finding Balance

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This probably should be one of my resolutions. Or at least to start eating less. (Which seems like an oxy-moron. I mean, how can you start doing something *less*? Mmph. Whatever. Stop eating so much.) But to be honest, this past year things got a bit off kilter, so really my New Year Resolution should be about regaining balance. Whatever that actually is. Chances are I’ll never really find it, although I have to say working this week from home has been a nice step in that direction. It won’t last, but being able to sorta work around my own schedule without the issue of hours wasted on a commute? Freaking priceless. An extra hour of sleep here or there has made a rather nice difference in my overall attitude – both in sleep and the fact that I’ve been able to move straight to the edits immediately after work.… Read more

Monday, Monday

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I seem to be running behind on my daily blogging for some reason. It’s not intentional at all – things have gotten busier at work, which leaves me less time for the usual lunch-time wordfest. The back continues to give me trouble (I have gotten my MRI report back. It’s not particularly good, but I’ll refrain from talking about it until I’ve got a gameplan set into place with the doctor. Anything at this point is purely conjecture on my part and not really worth going into. Survey says? World of suck coming.) Writing wise, things continue as they do. I took a week or so off of Book 3 – partially to work on a fun little side project that I’ll be wrapping up soon – and partially because I was a little stuck where I was. Oddly enough, when I picked it back up again last night, a… Read more