Finding Balance

This probably should be one of my resolutions.

Or at least to start eating less. (Which seems like an oxy-moron. I mean, how can you start doing something *less*? Mmph. Whatever. Stop eating so much.)

But to be honest, this past year things got a bit off kilter, so really my New Year Resolution should be about regaining balance. Whatever that actually is.

Chances are I’ll never really find it, although I have to say working this week from home has been a nice step in that direction. It won’t last, but being able to sorta work around my own schedule without the issue of hours wasted on a commute? Freaking priceless. An extra hour of sleep here or there has made a rather nice difference in my overall attitude – both in sleep and the fact that I’ve been able to move straight to the edits immediately after work.  (It’s amazing how much of my life is completely wasted sitting in a car simply because I’m required to be in an office…even though I don’t need to be there to do any of it.)

The downside to working from home? The prevalence of food everywhere. Particularly holiday food. At the moment it appears to be handfuls of chocolate covered raisins. (Sorta healthy right? Fruit? Eh? Eh? See Treadmill above.)

Anyway, downhill slope on this first run-through of edits and that’s made me more relaxed than anything else. I’m going to make my deadline, huzzah. And I’ve been soooo good.

No gaming. (And no, I *haven’t* been playing Star Wars games on the XBox this week – that’s my son, using my XBox Live account. I just bring that up because Raptr tweets it every time he starts playing. Surprised me last week when I was at work and a tweet went by. “What the? I am *NOT* playing ST: TFU, thank you very much.”)

 No working on side projects – or at least not much. 😛 (Mostly of a brainstorming nature and something silly I’ll talk about next week.)

I’m a little worried there’s a few scenes that are repetitive in nature, but we shall see what the new editor has to say.  It may just mean I need to move a few things around plot-wise, but either way, I’m feeling like I’ve got things lined up in a good way for the start of the new year.

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