Word Whore Thursday

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This week’s theme over at Word Whores is about how similar our characters are to us (the writers). If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time you’ll know Abby is very much like me for a number of reasons. It’s a fair cop and not one I’m going to deny, though I hesitate to call her a full-on insert. Otherwise, hooray – I’m all done with my guest posts for my blog tour! I’ve been pretty bad about linking to the more recent ones in the blogs lately, though I do tweet/facebook about them, so maybe tomorrow I’ll try to get an updated list up here. Still plenty of chances to win a copy of SoS, though. Last time I checked there were over 1100 entries!) Got a few more contest entries to wrap up today and then I’ll actually be somewhat caught up. Still working on some website work… Read more

Word Whore Thursday

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I’m over at Word Whores today – this week’s theme is dream homes or locations we’d like to live. I’m all about fairy tale cottages, so I’ve got some nice pictures over there. Apologies for yesterday’s lack of post – lots going on and I was just feeling a bit overwhelmed. Both kids sick, me sort of sick, mr myn’s old roomate passed away on Monday and I had 4 more nerves burned out in my spine. It makes for an ugly sort of day, to be honest.  And to top it off, the nerve burning ended up numbing a huge patch of skin on my back. It’s really funky feeling. (And on another note of Allison-is-a-bit-of-a-medical-freak, it turns out I seem to have some weird little vestigial floating ribs that don’t go anywhere. Like they’re only 2 or 3 inches long. Freaky McFreakerson.) Also incidentally, this new painkiller they… Read more

Mail Run

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Just a heads up that since I’ve finally gotten my set of SoS books in, I’ll be sending some of those out later this week. I’ve got a few contest winners who have been waiting so very patiently (back when I thought I would have ARCs to give away…and then I didn’t. >_<). In the meantime, I apologize in advance  for the upcoming lack of quality blog posts. Not that my blog is really all that quality anyway, but since I’ve started writing the posts for the guest blog circuit, it’s hard for me to continue wanting to talk about myself all the time. (Surprise, right? It’s all about ME!) Plus, hey, Connor has strep. Again. And I’m feeling a bit like I’ve smacked headfirst into a wall myself. Which is really irritating because I have THINGS to do. Cotton head and burning eyes are about the last thing I… Read more

Year of the Dragon

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Lucy and I have caught the plague today – so sickly cuddles all the way around. I spent most of the weekend in my PJs, completely exhausted and just dozing off wherever I was. I originally thought my body was finally being allowed to relax, but now I suspect it was more a harbinger of the blinding pain in the back of my skull. Not exactly the auspicious start to the new celestial year I was hoping for, but at least I caught up on my sleep a bit. (And my cross-stitch – I broke that out for the first time in ages, just to give my eyes a break from the computer.) Ah well. My only claim to the Year of the Dragon is the fact that the Chinese symbol for dragon is in my last name. (Surrounded by the Chinese word for veil. I always thought it would… Read more

Finding Balance

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This probably should be one of my resolutions. Or at least to start eating less. (Which seems like an oxy-moron. I mean, how can you start doing something *less*? Mmph. Whatever. Stop eating so much.) But to be honest, this past year things got a bit off kilter, so really my New Year Resolution should be about regaining balance. Whatever that actually is. Chances are I’ll never really find it, although I have to say working this week from home has been a nice step in that direction. It won’t last, but being able to sorta work around my own schedule without the issue of hours wasted on a commute? Freaking priceless. An extra hour of sleep here or there has made a rather nice difference in my overall attitude – both in sleep and the fact that I’ve been able to move straight to the edits immediately after work.… Read more