Get Down With the Sickness

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Or so they say. 4 days after Lucy finished up her meds for strep…she came down with it again. (And 2 weeks before her first round, Connor had it, so it’s just been antibiotic central here.) And then there’s me. Who spent several hours playing the multiplayer version of the ME3 demo on Friday night (until about 2 AM or so?) Managed to give myself such a terrible case of “mouse shoulder” that I ended up drugging myself into oblivion on Saturday. Couldn’t even turn my neck. That being said, it was hella fun. Though I should point out, I was playing with other women that I knew from various places in the Bioware fandom. So it was laid-back and helpful, even though this was my first time out. As opposed to the story that was going around on tumblr last week, where one of the ladies I know ended… Read more

Mail Run

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Just a heads up that since I’ve finally gotten my set of SoS books in, I’ll be sending some of those out later this week. I’ve got a few contest winners who have been waiting so very patiently (back when I thought I would have ARCs to give away…and then I didn’t. >_<). In the meantime, I apologize in advance  for the upcoming lack of quality blog posts. Not that my blog is really all that quality anyway, but since I’ve started writing the posts for the guest blog circuit, it’s hard for me to continue wanting to talk about myself all the time. (Surprise, right? It’s all about ME!) Plus, hey, Connor has strep. Again. And I’m feeling a bit like I’ve smacked headfirst into a wall myself. Which is really irritating because I have THINGS to do. Cotton head and burning eyes are about the last thing I… Read more


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Seeing as I’m feeling a bit like death warmed over, I’m just popping in to say thanks to Heroes & Heartbreakers for giving Phin a shout-out on today’s blog. Also, Jaye Wells is hosting an international UF month contest over at her blog – go comment for a chance at winning some great books. (Including a signed copy of Brush of Darkness) ūüėČ Now then, I’m going to crawl back to my bed and attempt to finish my galleys for A Sliver of Shadow (50 pages left to go – due on Thursday! I can do it, right??) Also? I’m going to eat a massive bowl of Mac-n-Cheese. And watch PotC 4. And play The Sims 3: Unleashed. Because there are UNICORNS in it. (Ha ha, reality is I’m going to go pass out.)… Read more

Just This Side of High

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So to speak. Somehow amidst all the “getting the plague” stuff this weekend, I also managed to gork up my neck and shoulders. I suspect the five or six solid hours of revising stuff on Saturday probably did the trick, since I have a tendency to hunch…and I don’t think I moved much. Anyway, the fun thing about chronic pain is that when you have it in one part of your body (my lower back, in this case), it has a tendency to pretty much override everything else. So I don’t always notice with other stuff goes wrong. Plus with the fever/aches/chill things going on, my entire body was hurting pretty bad on Sunday night anyway. So today, I went back to my regular back pain guy – it’s been about two months since my last set of prolo shots. The good news is that the SI is really stabilizing nicely. The… Read more


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Clearly I didn’t blog today. Partially this is because Dragon Age 2 has taken over my world at night. Late nights make me bleary and unable to put thoughts together. *ahem* (And by the way? Trying to rivalmance emo elf-warrior Fenris and having the romance portion not go through correctly? Sucks. He turned against me and I had to kill him. *sobs* Also, btw? The whole “I have no memory, but I have all these lyrium tattoos all over my body that help me kill and I didn’t ask for them” routine? Um. Wolverine much?) But mostly because yes, yours truly is now being treated for strep. Bleah. So. Yeah. Massive headache at the moment and all that other fun stuff, but I got my meds and some fruit juice and I suspect I’m off to go pass out for a while. *cough* Assuming I don’t roll up a mage… Read more