Mail Run

Just a heads up that since I’ve finally gotten my set of SoS books in, I’ll be sending some of those out later this week. I’ve got a few contest winners who have been waiting so very patiently (back when I thought I would have ARCs to give away…and then I didn’t. >_<).

In the meantime, I apologize in advance  for the upcoming lack of quality blog posts. Not that my blog is really all that quality anyway, but since I’ve started writing the posts for the guest blog circuit, it’s hard for me to continue wanting to talk about myself all the time. (Surprise, right? It’s all about ME!)

Plus, hey, Connor has strep. Again. And I’m feeling a bit like I’ve smacked headfirst into a wall myself. Which is really irritating because I have THINGS to do. Cotton head and burning eyes are about the last thing I feel like dealing with.

But here we are.

Incidentally and randomly, I may be in the Philly area on Saturday. Perhaps sampling Max Brenner‘s awesome chocolate goodness. (And Mac-n-Cheese with bacon skillet. Because of reasons.)

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