Seeing as I’m feeling a bit like death warmed over, I’m just popping in to say thanks to Heroes & Heartbreakers for giving Phin a shout-out on today’s blog.

Also, Jaye Wells is hosting an international UF month contest over at her blog – go comment for a chance at winning some great books. (Including a signed copy of Brush of Darkness) 😉

Now then, I’m going to crawl back to my bed and attempt to finish my galleys for A Sliver of Shadow (50 pages left to go – due on Thursday! I can do it, right??) Also? I’m going to eat a massive bowl of Mac-n-Cheese. And watch PotC 4. And play The Sims 3: Unleashed. Because there are UNICORNS in it.

(Ha ha, reality is I’m going to go pass out.)

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