Game Over

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Didn’t blog today, obviously. Suppose that’s what I’m doing now, though mostly only because I wanted to share this book cover. Which is full of delicious awesomesauce. Busy day notwithstanding. Though the gamer in me did get hit with a bit of a blow when Bioware announced there wouldn’t be any more DLC for Dragon Age 2. Not that most of us didn’t see the writing on the wall. I’m just a little bit disappointed because I’d been holding off on my last playthrough simply because I thought there might be something more coming. And I know the game had its flaws and issues. They all do. But most of the time, the average Bioware game does have a tendency to suck me in so I don’t want to do anything except play – and that’s relatively rare these days. In my early  20’s, I could and would play damn… Read more

Get Down With the Sickness

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Or so they say. 4 days after Lucy finished up her meds for strep…she came down with it again. (And 2 weeks before her first round, Connor had it, so it’s just been antibiotic central here.) And then there’s me. Who spent several hours playing the multiplayer version of the ME3 demo on Friday night (until about 2 AM or so?) Managed to give myself such a terrible case of “mouse shoulder” that I ended up drugging myself into oblivion on Saturday. Couldn’t even turn my neck. That being said, it was hella fun. Though I should point out, I was playing with other women that I knew from various places in the Bioware fandom. So it was laid-back and helpful, even though this was my first time out. As opposed to the story that was going around on tumblr last week, where one of the ladies I know ended… Read more

Character Evolution: From RPG to Hipster Elf?

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I get asked how I think of my characters a lot – particularly the weird ones. Phin. Brystion, etc. I mean, my world-building as a whole is filled with odd beasties and people. OtherFolk come in many flavors, and it’s a kitchen-sink world so pretty much anything and everything is fair game. Sometimes it’s easy – the characters just show up and I know exactly how they’re going to fit in. Sometimes I don’t have the foggiest clue. Sometimes they surprise me quite a bit. Part of that is being a panster. Half the time, I really don’t know everyone’s motivation until I get there. As far as characters go, I still have to admit that Ion plays everything so very, very close to his vest.  I thought I had him pegged up front…and discovered I’ve barely scratched the surface. He’s one of the hardest characters to write, for that reason.… Read more

Halloween Updates

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…such as they are. I’m a tad bleary since I ended up in the Urgent Care clinic last night with Lucy…who was running a temp of 106. Which freaked me out. (Tried it several times, 106, 107, Err. Tried another thermometer and it said 105. Yeah, off to the clinic/ER). She’s being treated for strep now, but it was a very long night. (She does look better this morning, though, so that’s good.) Oddly enough, I seem to recall one of my kids was sick like this last Halloween as well, which makes for a short trick-or-treating stint, but we’ll see how she’s doing later tonight. In the meantime, I did submit a list of potential reviewers to receive galleys of A Sliver of Shadow this morning – I only had a very limited number and there may have been some overlap between my list and the publisher, which means… Read more

Saturday Afternoon Dragon Age Fangirling

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Even though I normally reserve this stuff for my unofficial tumblr, I must post this here. 😀 The discerning eye will note that Fenris and F!Hawke are reading A Brush of Darkness. Because I enjoy fangirling myself too. (I’m sort of odd like that). Thanks to Aimo for being a good sport. Also, here’s the video if you want to watch the coloring process:… Read more