Halloween Updates

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…such as they are. I’m a tad bleary since I ended up in the Urgent Care clinic last night with Lucy…who was running a temp of 106. Which freaked me out. (Tried it several times, 106, 107, Err. Tried another thermometer and it said 105. Yeah, off to the clinic/ER). She’s being treated for strep now, but it was a very long night. (She does look better this morning, though, so that’s good.) Oddly enough, I seem to recall one of my kids was sick like this last Halloween as well, which makes for a short trick-or-treating stint, but we’ll see how she’s doing later tonight. In the meantime, I did submit a list of potential reviewers to receive galleys of A Sliver of Shadow this morning – I only had a very limited number and there may have been some overlap between my list and the publisher, which means… Read more

Saturday Afternoon Dragon Age Fangirling

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Even though I normally reserve this stuff for my unofficial tumblr, I must post this here. 😀 The discerning eye will note that Fenris and F!Hawke are reading A Brush of Darkness. Because I enjoy fangirling myself too. (I’m sort of odd like that). Thanks to Aimo for being a good sport. Also, here’s the video if you want to watch the coloring process:… Read more

DA Fangirl Shinies

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Whee – Got some of my Dragon Age fangirling on in the mail yesterday with the arrival of my pin-up “Hotties of Thedas” calendar by jakface *and* my oh-so-classy “Rock Out With Your Hawke Out” t-shirt from Waiting4CoDot. (There’s also a lovely sketch of Fenris with a leash from jak too, but it’s a bit faded out here in the photo – she’s got it up somewhere on her tumblr tho, so there you go.) I only wish the shirt had arrived sooner so I could have worn it at my book signing on Saturday. What with all the peen talk, it would have made sense. It’s the little things, I guess, and seeing as I’m probably coming down with a killer cold, I’ll take anything that makes me laugh and feel better. And speaking of laughter – I don’t know what it is about this picture – the rainbow… Read more

Releasing my Inner Fangirl

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*facepalms* Yeah, okay, I gave into the dark side and started a Tumblr blog. Here. It has a naughty url and title. But at least this way I can keep it all contained to one area, right?** ** Yes, I am aware I need professional help. No, no one asked you for your opinion.… Read more