Halloween Updates

…such as they are.

I’m a tad bleary since I ended up in the Urgent Care clinic last night with Lucy…who was running a temp of 106. Which freaked me out. (Tried it several times, 106, 107, Err. Tried another thermometer and it said 105. Yeah, off to the clinic/ER). She’s being treated for strep now, but it was a very long night. (She does look better this morning, though, so that’s good.)

Oddly enough, I seem to recall one of my kids was sick like this last Halloween as well, which makes for a short trick-or-treating stint, but we’ll see how she’s doing later tonight.

In the meantime, I did submit a list of potential reviewers to receive galleys of A Sliver of Shadow this morning – I only had a very limited number and there may have been some overlap between my list and the publisher, which means I don’t actually have a clue as to who is getting one. But if you asked, I did try and hopefully you’ll be getting one soon. (They are going out today).

I had a mini breakthrough on the WIP this weekend as well, and the words are coming easier now. Maybe because I’m finally at a part where I know where I want to go. It’s odd, though, because it’s not anything like what my outline originally was. The joys of pansting, I guess. Also? Melanie is starting to become more of a plot player than I thought she’d be…but it sorta makes sense. She’s definitely got her own story to tell, so I suspect some of this is setup for a future installment.

On a delightedly surprising and fangirly note, I want to give a shout out to @wench who was at the MCMExpo in London this weekend and took the time to call me yesterday morning and pass the phone to Adam Howden (@A_Howdz), who happens to be the voice actor of Anders in Dragon Age 2. So I got a nice quick chat with him, which was lovely. And hey, he vaguely knew who I was because I sent him a copy of A Brush of Darkness, courtesy of @aimoahmed, who was also there. Will he read it? Only time will tell. LOL. Also gave a copy to @thevoiceofgid (aka Gideon Emery), but I haven’t quite gotten around to pinging him on twitter to ask him about it. Suppose we shall see.

Last thing is a good luck to everyone starting NaNoWriMo tomorrow! (I won’t be joining you this year, but I do have a couple of guest blogs coming up on the subject later on this month.)

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