How Apropos…

I’m actually vaguely tempted to try it.

(I think the most creative I ever got was to make those little tissue ghosts with rubber bands and markers, but hey, whatever works…

Also, just for fun I’m throwing up some vintage Collegeville Halloween costumes. Remember these awful plastic jumper things with the dead-doll eye masks? (With those funky lip things that used to basically just collect your sweaty drool when you were out Trick-or-Treating??

And the words FLAME RETARDED on the box cover  – like, what? Were there so many choices of costumes in the 70s that you might actually choose the ones that would spontaneously burst into flame?

<- Holy crap, it’s the Kraken from the original Clash of the Titans!

Some serious cheeseball awesomesauce right here…

<– I actually had this one – maybe 1983? I would have been in 3rd grade.

Wow, I’m old.

And wow, we had some seriously shitty-ass costumes back in the day.

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