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I bought Lucy new bedsheets this weekend. Actually – both kids got new sets. Connor is still all about Transformers and he’s clearly outgrown the Nemo set. (And don’t even get me started on his Thomas the Tank Engine sheets. He wore holes in them when he was younger.) I bought Lucy another set of Hello Kitty sheets. Different design than what she currently has, but we’ve washed the old set so many times they’re starting to tear, so makes sense, right? The thing is, she has a favorite blanket from that original set. It’s not a security blanket, exactly…but it’s hers. She’s had it since she was about 15 months. She guards it fiercely. So the other night she started crying when I put her to bed. Because she was starting to like the new blanket on the new set and she was afraid of hurting the old blanket’s… Read more

Word Whore Thursday: Mine Eyes!

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I’m over at my weekly Word-Whores post today, talking about what happens when your family members read your sex scenes. (If anything. Maybe you’ve got super cool family members. Maybe they disown you. Maybe they don’t care?) Feel free to run over there and laugh and share your own experiences with the awkward way of words. (Don’t even get me started on my co-workers, particularly the ones that won’t look me in the eye anymore. *ahem*)… Read more

Halloween Updates

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…such as they are. I’m a tad bleary since I ended up in the Urgent Care clinic last night with Lucy…who was running a temp of 106. Which freaked me out. (Tried it several times, 106, 107, Err. Tried another thermometer and it said 105. Yeah, off to the clinic/ER). She’s being treated for strep now, but it was a very long night. (She does look better this morning, though, so that’s good.) Oddly enough, I seem to recall one of my kids was sick like this last Halloween as well, which makes for a short trick-or-treating stint, but we’ll see how she’s doing later tonight. In the meantime, I did submit a list of potential reviewers to receive galleys of A Sliver of Shadow this morning – I only had a very limited number and there may have been some overlap between my list and the publisher, which means… Read more

Stormy Brain

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Didn’t post earlier today because I had a migraine for a large chunk of it. Makes it hard to be enthusiastic about looking at the screen for sure. (I’ve take some Excedrin and it’s helped the pain part, but I’m *awfully* jumpy right now, so I’m not sure how helpful it will be for the rest of the night.) I did manage to do some actual brainstorming today – on paper. I’m at a bit of a crossroads with this third book, and I know it because my latest chapter is pretty much everyone just standing around and jabbering at each other. Always a sign for me that things are a little muddled plot-wise. Characters are often like actors. Sometimes they need very little guidance. Just point them in the right direction and they’ll ad-lib themselves into greatness. Others? Not so much. You could compare being a writer like being a… Read more

Done and Done

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This awesome picture, by the way, is an actual Nyan cat mod for the new Sims 3 pet expansion. Well played, friends. Well played. (Yes, I have it. And it is awesome.) In the meantime, nothing new today except for the fact that I mailed off the Galley edits for A Sliver of Shadow. It’s a bittersweet moment, because after this, there’s no changes I can make. For better or worse, it is what it is (assuming the changes I requested get made – sometimes they don’t…) But overall it’s a bit of a relief. I’m done with this particular project and back into the new one. I’m continuing to plow through the 3rd book, but even though I’ve always said I intended this story arc would finish up in three books…well, I’m beginning to wonder if it shouldn’t be four after all.  Tough call, really, since there’s no guarantee the publisher… Read more